18 Now-You-Know Movie Facts To Thwart Our Enemies

Some battles can only be won through movie trivia.
18 Now-You-Know Movie Facts To Thwart Our Enemies

Picture your greatest enemy. Don’t have one because you’re an adult? Make one up then. Are you picturing them? Okay, good. Now think of the best way to beat them. No, that’s just murder. No, you’ll require a masters degree to do that. There’s only one way to truly defeat your foe: through movie trivia.

Beating your sworn foe at movie trivia is the best way to thwart them. Think of all the bar trivia nights you can ruin for them. Think of all the movies you’ll ruin. Think of the torment they’ll go through, knowing that there is only one ruler of all of pop culture and it is you!

They’ll go crazy. They’ll be self-destructive. Or maybe not. Who is to say one way or the other? In any case, enemy-foiling or not, movie trivia is still fun to know. Here are some behind-the-scene facts about some movies that should at least impress someone somewhere.


CRACKED.COM RANGO THE MOVIE WAS SHOT IN LIVE ACTION FIRST. In order to get more natural performances and body language in the animation, Gore Verbinski had the actors perform in person to capture their movements.

Source: MTV

Austin Powers in Goldmember

CRACKED.COM AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER MICHAEL CAINE THOUGHT THE MOVIE WAS SPOOFING HIM. Before agreeing to play Austin's father, Caine thought Myers was being cheeky and portraying his character from the British spy film The Ipcress File.

Source: CNN

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