12 Musical Partnerships That Imploded

With countless reasons to call it quits, it’s a wonder any group can stand the test of time.
12 Musical Partnerships That Imploded

Man, behind-the-music stories can be a real buzzkill sometimes. Realistically, we know how hard it can be for any group of creative people to stay on a unified creative path (but we do secretly love that breakup drama). Famous people going toe-to-toe?! Sign us up! Sometimes bands break up over a specific song, personality clashes, or maybe they met as teenagers and they grow apart. It would be lovely if every musical act could just get along and keep creating that special sound forever, but sadly, these bands, duos, or pop groups ended up “growing apart” in some pretty spicy ways.

The love of the music, the plans for the band’s trajectory, and bruised egos over money and credit can all add to the tension that usually reaches a boiling point. Resentment is a naggy little thorn in the side, and cliche or not, creative types are usually quite good at expressing themselves in quite dramatic ways. You’ll see. In these 12 instances of musical partnerships that completely imploded. 

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Wait, Axl Rose was being insane? Noooo!

Axl Rose And Slash Bluck Slash claimed that before a show, Axl refused to go onstage until the band agreed to sign away their rights to the band's name. After their 1993 tour, Axl referred to Slash as a cancer, the band broke up, and Axl didn't even attend their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. CRACKED


The clash of The Clash.

The Clash Drummer Topper Headon wrote Rock the Casbah but was fired over his heroin addiction before it became their biggest hit. At the height of their fame, Paul Simonon, Mick Jones, and Joe Strummer fought relentlessly over the direction of the band and broke up in 1986. CRACKED


Billy and the Pumpkins.

Billy Corgan and the rest of The Smashing Pumpkins. The band broke up in 2000 due to Billy Corgan getting the lion's share of earnings and credit. 18 years later, they reunited for a new album and a tour, but bassist D'arcy Wretzky bailed after learning Billy would make twice as much as every other member. CRACKED


The love-hate, love-hate relationship.

Van Halen and Sammy Hagar. After their break up in 1996, Van Halen reunited with Hagar in 2004 and clashed immediately. Hagar even quit, but was legally forced to stay. The last show saw a drunk Eddie Van Halen smash his guitar, and yell You don't understand! to fans and storm off stage. CRACKED


What did we say about spilled milk, children?

Aerosmith HE O The coke- and heroin-fueled fights on the Draw the Line tour led to a full blown brawl. Joe Perry's girlfriend threw a glass of milk at Tom Hamilton's wife's head, and Perry quit. CRACKED


Sure, drown out Clapton’s tweets, but his guitar playing?!

Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker of Cream. Bruce once played bass during Baker's drum solo, and Baker attacked him, claiming he had a knife and would kill him. Eric Clapton said they each played so loudly (in order to drown the other out), that Clapton would stop playing and they wouldn't even notice. Their 1969 album Goodbye was indeed their goodbye. CRACKED

Source / Metro 

No need to be envious, Paul.

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel MISTEL THE LUXU OF HOLLE Garfunkel felt that Simon's solo single True or False was a betrayal. They were hyper-competitive and envious of each other. Manager Mort Lewis said that Paul thought the audience viewed Art as the star, and Art felt inferior since Paul wrote the music. CRACKED


Okay honey, yes I cheated on you, but we can still keep the band goin’, right?!

Sonic Youth In 2011, after 27 years of marriage, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore divorced when Moore cheated on her with Eva Prinz. Moore stated that he intended to keep the band together, but Gordon (and the rest of the band) clearly thought that was ridiculous. CRACKED

Source / Pitchfork 

What band implosion list would be complete without…

Noel and Liam Gallagher After 20 years of creative differences, drug use, and backstage brawls, their final breakup came in 2009 before a Parisian festival. In this physical fight, Liam smashed Noel's guitar, and Noel shared that he officially quit the band. They haven't spoken since. CRACKED


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