19 Science Facts Everybody Assumed Movies Got Right (They Didn't)

You'd be amazed at how thoroughly movies have turned you into a dum-dum.
19 Science Facts Everybody Assumed Movies Got Right (They Didn't)

Science, huh? It's a complicated thing that's hard to get right. Fortunately, there's something called (checks notes)… the Scientific Method. That's how people ensure scientific experiments hold up to inquiry. Weird how that works. But, we gotta admit, as big science fiction fans (and movie fans) here at Cracked, we're susceptible to falling for the tricks and fake realities Hollywood puts on us. Oh come on, give us a break. We are but humble nerds. Humble science nerds. 

Hollywood is notorious for trying to pull fast ones on the viewing public. Fortunately, we live in the Internet age. These days, anyone with a simple command of Google can investigate the bullshit films attempt to sling our way.

In our continuing effort to cleanse the world of the lies Hollywood likes to propagate, we asked our readers to debunk some of the worst offenders. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

CRACKED COM In Waterworld, the polar ice caps have melted, leaving almost all land underwater. In reality, if this happened, the sea would rise Presen
This planet is screwed Christopher Nolan's 2014 science fiction film Interstellar depicts several planets orbiting a supermassive black hole; one of w
19 Science Facts Everybody Assumed Movies Got Right (They Didn't)
In famous a scene from Oliver Stone's JFK, district attorney Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) shoWS the Zapruder fi lm to a jury and repeatedly points out
In the opening scene of Araggedon, the Chicxulub impact (the one that killed off the dinosaurs) is described as having hit with the force of 10.000 n
In Dante's Peak, the protagonist, a volcanologist, drives over slightly cooled fresh lava. Fresh lava approaches 1, 700 degrees Fahrenheit which would
Ules IIT Underneath an astronaut suit there's never Gravity style underwear, but a liquid cooling and ventilation garment, and underneath that a pai
The entire premise of Deep Blue Sea is that since sharks don't get cancer. the scientists experimented on them for medical research, but to speed thin
It looks like the neutrinos coming from the sun have mutated into a new kind of nuclear particle. They're heating up the earth's core and suddenly ac
In Starship Troopers, the bugs hurled an asteroid from orbit around KLENDATHU SYSTEM their planet, directly at the earth. YOU ARE HERE It's ridiculous
CRACKEDGOM MRE THE In The Core, the Earth's core stops rotating, causing the planet's magnetic field to break down. Catastrophe ensues as Earth is ass
CRACKEDC COM The Rock actually gets a lot htabout VX gas, including it's lak of taste or odor. However, real VX gas is not corrosive and would not cau
In Fight Club, Tyler Durden burns the back of the Narrator's hand by dusting it with lye, a caustic chemical used in soap-making. To silence his whimp
In The Vanishing, chemistry teacher Jeff Bridges kidnaps Sandra Bullock, incapacitating her using the chloroform- soaked-cloth method. She passes out
The movie 'San Andreas' depicits a 9.0 magnitude Earthquake and a Tsunami in San Francisco - neither of which are possible. Don't worry California, th
THE PREMISE: The sun is running out of Hydrogen, and has begun dimming. Because of the sun's reduced output of energy, light and heat, Earth is starti
CRACKEDCO COM In The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the scientist and the hunter got into it. My point is that predators don't hunt when they're not hung
In Back to the Future, the flyer Marty has says the lightning will fall at precisely 10:0 PM. In a clock with no second hand, that's a whole minute.

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