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5 Reasons 'Gymkata' Is The Funniest Movie of the 80s

In the '80s your special skill would save the day no matter how ridiculous it was, and skills don't come more ridiculous than male gymnastics.


17 Images That Will Ruin Your Childhood

It's always good to take a moment and take a look at our chilhood icons through adult eyes. OK, maybe 'good' isn't the word for it ...


4 Products That Only Exist in Movies

If we had these products, movies would finally make sense. You're welcome, movies.


When Cartoons Pander To Everyone: Jedinja Zamvirebot

My prediction for the next big fad is 'all of them, combined.'


8 Famous Fictional Archaeologists Who Suck At Their Job

Archeologists are after information about ancient cultures. When you spend half a movie destroying stuff like that, you're probably not good at your job.


6 Famous Movies With Mind-Blowing Hidden Meanings

It's easy to forget that almost every movie has some kind of subtext. Even if that subtext involved a cyborg that punces people.


5 Reasons There Must Be Corpses Buried Under the Batcave

the entire appeal of Batman is that he's the ultimate geek superhero; he's an antisocial loner whose strength is nothing compared to supernatural peers like Superman. Yet, he gets by on his intelligence. And he does it alone, with no help from anyone other than two employees. No family, no friends.


A Series of Dispatches From Jersey Shore's New Intern

As you requested, I purchased enough alcohol to murder a generation of grizzly bears, and these people finished every last drop of it. If you still want to keep the cast consistently inebriated for the rest of the season, I will need either an increased budget or to wake up from this nightmare.


6 Badass Movie Scenes With Horrifying Unseen Consequences

We don't often pause to think about the faceless civilians who get killed in movies, and there are some movies that go so far out of their way to ignore these deaths that we can't help but wonder about the mental stability of the writers.


9 Famous Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along

Being a movie villain is not easy. Nobody respects your work, women refuse to date you, and the heroes are always in the business of trying to straight up murder you.


18 Classic Movies, If They'd Been Made in Japan

Japanese culture is ... different. What we think is weird, they consider mainstream. What they think is weird, we run away from weeping and soiling ourselves.


5 Things TV Writers Apparently Believe About Smart People

The key here is the characters aren't just really smart, they're incredible and borderline supernatural scientific ubermenschen who are better at their jobs than anyone has ever been at anything.


5 Scientific Reasons The Dark Side Will Always Win

Darth Vader and his underlings apparently planned every last subtle detail, right down to the color of the spaceships and Vader's own robot voice, according to what science says works.


6 Disaster Movie Explanations For All These Dead Birds

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but one hundred and a million percent. If you have a pet bird or know any birds or are Larry Bird, I'm so, so sorry, but please get away from me, because you're just not safe.