15 Adult Jokes in Kids' Movies and Shows

15 Adult Jokes in Kids' Movies and Shows

Here's the thing -- there's a lot of content out there. I'm making it right now. You're probably making some. (Have a TikTok?) But the thing is, like waves, certain things move through the world. When steam engine times come, people build steam engines. It's the same with media. There's an idea that to make an apple pie you need to first invent the universe. To make a small, you need to make the all. As above, so below. To understand how something affects one thing, you need to see how it affects all. So let's take a look at a bunch of different movies, shows, and others that have one thing in common to examine how that one thing affects all of them. All things are one -- all things are connected. And sometimes when you want to see the trees, you need to examine the forest. This is that time. This is that place. This is that person/show/movie/thing. Here are some facts about...

Detective Pikachu

Adult jokes in children's movies Detective Pikachu Mr. Mime torture Even more surprising than the scene itself is how the director pitched it to the Pokémon Company: I used a frame grab from Seven. Yup, that was the inspiration. CRACKED.COM

Source: GameSpot

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