15 Facts About Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse

15 Facts About Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse

The View Askewniverse is Kevin Smith’s MCU-esque world, populated by angels, cliterrorists, and stoners. Years before the Avengers initiative there was Jay and Silent Bob, Quick Stop, and that scene where they do a fun dance in the comic shop. Despite being one of the first large semi-connected film universes, the View Askewniverse has laid dormant for quite a while… until the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot brought most of the famous characters back. And now that Clerks III and Mallrats 2 are on their way, what better time (4:20) is there to look back at the Askewniverse and all of the weird, wild, and great films contained therein. Here are some facts about the world’s most unique filmverse, and the man who had all these ideas and then brought them to life, before getting stoned an awful lot and just making sequels and spin-offs of Tusk (and perhaps other sea mammal-related weird stuff).

Jay & Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie

TOP view Askewniverse Jay & silent Bob's super Groovy cartoon Movie This movie exists. That fact should be enough. It was made of a budget of $69,000, which nice. GAC CRACKED.COM

Source: Geeks of Doom

Clerks II

view Askewniverse clerks II This movie featuring Rosario Dawson, a donkey show, and a musical breakdown is Kevin Smith's personal favorite of his own films. Mop SANDAI CRACKED.COM

Source: MovieWeb


view Askewniverse clerks After dropping out of film school, Kevin Smith made a bet with Scott Mosier that whoever finished their script first would make their movie, with the other working as producer. Smith won. Quick STOP GROCERIE I ASSURE You WE'RE OPEN! AB06703 - GRACKED.COM

Source: Clerks (Director’s Commentary)

Chasing Amy

view Askewniverse chasing Amy Silent Bob's speech was almost entirely improvised by Kevin Smith after he forgot his lines. Confronted by Ben Affleck, Smith said that as he was the writer, it counted as a second draft. CRACKED.COM

Source: Chasing Amy (Director’s Commentary)

Jersey Girl

CRACKED.COM view Askewniverse Jersey Girl Malcolm Ingram sent Fleetwood Mac's Landslide to Kevin Smith as an apology, and Smith was so touched by the gesture that he included the song in the movie.

Source: Moviepedia

Mallrats 2

view Askewniverse Mallrats 2 This sequel is finally coming after being a film, a television series, and then a film again. CRACKED.COM

Source: MovieWeb

Jay and Silent Bob snoogans

Let Jay & Silent Bob sell weed to YOU! JASON MEWES and KEVIN SMITH will be your bud-tenders at HERBARIUM 979 NLA BREA AVE. WEST HOLLYWOOD. CA 90038 Friday, Sept. 27th 4:20 PM until closina view Askewniverse Jay and silent Bob snoogans You can finally buy weed from Jay and Silent Bob. At the launch of their weed line, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith even got in character to sell it personally. Hybrid Buy all 3 pre-rolls and snap a selfle with the stars of the upcoming motion picture Snoochie Beachies Sativa Cariar GOLD GRACKED.COM ALL POWERED BY JAY &

Source: YEW!

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