John Krasinski's Casting In 'Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness' Was Just Dumb

Casting Jim-face was just pretty uninspired.
John Krasinski's Casting In 'Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness' Was Just Dumb

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Spoilers.

In what ended up being the most underwhelming and eye-rolling casting reveal of the film because everyone who has internet already knew it was going to happen anyway, Marvel showed that yes, they will in fact bow down to (some) fans by casting Jim from The Office as Mr. Fantastic.

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Fans are divided on this one. Those who have wanted Jack Ryan to play Mister Stretch since forever are obviously elated, while the rest of us are scratching our heads because, just, why? Why do people think Krasinski is the best guy to play Reed Richards, an extremely intellectual fella/dork with a bit of an aloof smugness to him and an ego that has him constantly teetering on the edge of full-blown megalomania? Actually, that does kind of sound like a certain bully character who exerts his power by setting people’s staplers in Jell-O.

Seriously though, the group of Fantastic Four fans who’ve been calling for Glenn Howerton to play the antisocial scientist instead makes way more sense than goofball Jim-face who has a look that says, “I am concerned, but I’m not exactly sure why.”

Also, we just don’t see Krasinski being Reed Richards-level of douchiness:

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This is a character who, in the comics, wasn't always so fantastic. This is the man who was totally misogynistic toward his wife Sue in the early comics. This is a guy who straight-up experimented on his kids and injected his son with nanomachines. This is the dude who once formed a council of his other alternate universe selves because he’s just so full of it. Also, can you imagine Krasinski saying stuff like this:

Marvel Comics

Honestly, that sounds less like Jim and more like Dwight.

That is way less Krasinski and way more Jim Cummings if you ask us. Listen, we’re not saying Krasinski is bad or anything. We’re just saying this feels like an uninspired and total miscast. Besides actors like Howerton and even Bill Hader being better options playing the somewhat cold and borderline egotistical Mr. Fantastic, this could also well have been an opportunity to further diversify the Marvel phase four cast. For instance, and hear us out, they could just not be totally boring and fancast someone like Dev Patel.

Yes, we agree. Patel for Reed Richards, or don’t even bother, Marvel.

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