There's a lot that goes into creating a live weekly sketch show for late night network television… Writing the bits, staging the sets, preparing for musical acts, and getting a hot celebrity with something to promote ready to host a live broadcast. Sure, the famous people who host Saturday Night Live are usually pretty used to being on camera in some capacity, but comedy, it turns out, can be an entirely different beast. Though an awkward, stilted performance is one thing, the worst of the worst hosts usually has nothing to do with their comedy chops-- 

Very few people would claim that Chevy Chase is unfunny-- But many who have worked with him on his SNL episodes have claimed that he's a big time cad. Steven Segal, Paris Hilton, and Justin Bieber have all had similar accusations leveled at them by the cast… Though that may be nothing compared to the most infamous host below, who happened to be running for President at the time. 

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