Since 1975, Saturday Night Live has been on the air to provide sketch comedy to the American landscape. Regardless of how you feel about the show today, one cannot deny its dominance during its run for 40 years. Naturally, if a show is old enough to maybe have paid off its college loans, it’ll have some stinker episodes and even stinkier hosts.

Not every celebrity is built for comedy. Actually, most aren't. While a famous person is famous for a reason, whether it is being really great at music or sports or just being a personality, it doesn’t mean they have a good sense of humor or comedic timing. Some even have had the most insane ideas for segments or sketches that were so bad that they are banned from doing the show ever again!

Here are 14 former SNL hosts that just plain stunk up the joint and had viewers change the channel.

MARTIN LAWRENCE FEBRUARY 19, 1994 Only East Coast viewers saw Lawrence's unedited monologue, a bit about oral sex and feminine hygiene that was full o


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