The ‘Office’ Scenes That Still Kill on the Umpteenth Rewatch

Fans discuss which ‘Office’ gags still make them laugh out loud, even after they’ve memorized the entire series
The ‘Office’ Scenes That Still Kill on the Umpteenth Rewatch

Every sitcom fan knows that The Office is one of the most rewatchable shows in television history. If it wasn’t, then why would anyone in the world have a subscription to Peacock?

For so many Office fans, all it takes to prompt another cycle around the series is for the current re-view to reach the series finale — or just “Goodbye Michael,” for some more discerning fans. The series is one of the most-streamed shows of all time, in large part because of its continued watchability well past the point where superfans know the lines of entire seasons by heart. Much like the films of the Coen Brothers or the simple cigarette, The Office is perfectly designed for repeated enjoyment — over and over and over again.

Over in the Dunder Mifflin subreddit, superfans recently debated which scenes can still make them laugh out loud, “even after you watched the show a scary amount of times.” Here are their top picks…

Toby’s Not in Costa Rica

The Turtles Are Missing

Dwight Sells to Bill Buttlicker

Michael Really, Really Needs to Talk to David

Michael's Run-In With the In-Flight Drink Cart

“What Is Wrong With Me Today?!?”

“Will You Run Into the Bathroom and Tell Him to Eat It?”

Dwight Hits the Poll

“Save Bandit!”

Andy Knows Too Much About the Sun

“Get In, Quick!”

Creeds Thoughts on Erins Cartwheel

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