Bombshell Surprises ‘The Office’ Characters Must Have Learned When Their Documentary Came Out

Which of the Scranton branch’s dirty secrets would cause the most trouble after exposure
Bombshell Surprises ‘The Office’ Characters Must Have Learned When Their Documentary Came Out

In an alternate dimension, Andy Bernard didn’t find out he was being cuckolded by Dwight Schrute until the Office documentary premiered — or, perhaps, when his children were born with giant heads and beet-stained teeth.

During the middle seasons, it sometimes seemed like the writers for The Office forgot the reason the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton spent half their workday gossiping to a film crew. Then, in the final season, that film crew became uncomfortably in focus as their decade-long project drew to a close and their relationships with their subjects took a front seat in some of the worst episodes in the show’s entire run. Pivotally, in Season Nine, it is revealed to the remaining office-workers that, thanks to the film crew’s high-tech cameras and microphones, they have not had a single moment’s solitude on the grounds of the Scranton Office Park in almost 10 years, and all of their dirty, salacious secrets have been, as Zoomer Office fans would say, captured in 4K.

Over in the Office subreddit, fans recently discussed which surprise reveals previously known only to the film crew would cause the most havoc for the characters who, for some reason, couldn’t do their philandering and scandal-creating from the comfort of their own homes. Here are the top picks…

Donna’s Husband Hearing That His Wife Cheated on Him With Michael

Coach Shane must have known something was up when two men in business clothes engaged him in one of the more uncomfortable on-field conversations he’s likely ever had. Imagine Shane’s surprise when he finds out that those weirdos were the stars of Scranton’s hottest documentary — and that the weirdest one was banging his wife! Perhaps Donna spilled the beans about her affair with Michael when he called her to falsely inform her that he had herpes, but, knowing Ms. Boob Shirt, it’s doubtful.

Debbie Brown Discovering That Creed Threw Her Under the Bus

“I feel terrible for Debbie Brown,” said the most diabolical quality assurance coordinator in Dunder Mifflin history as he pinned her with the blame for an obscene watermark that, by all accounts, the quality assurance guy should have caught — if he wasn’t blowing off his duties that year. Then, collecting cash for a card just to pocket the proceeds is the kind of “kick ‘em while they’re down” move that would make Creed’s arrest at the end of the series seem like pure karmic justice to one Debbie Brown.

David Wallace Learning That Michael and Holly Were Responsible for the Break-In

An astounding amount of sexual intercourse has occurred between Dunder Mifflin employees on Dunder Mifflin property, all of which would drive the mild-mannered CEO David Wallace into a fit of rage, but none would be more objectionable than Michael and Holly’s consummation of their young relationship, which inadvertently led to the entire office getting robbed blind after they forgot to lock the doors. Michael had better buy Kevin a whole crate of surge protectors.

Toby Finding Out That Pam Thought He Was Kind of Cute

Even the film crew wouldn’t want to be in the room when a final-season, rock-bottom Toby found out that, at one point long, long ago, he might have actually had a chance with the woman of his dreams. Toby’s affections for Pam may have inspired some of the most awkward moments in Office history, but, pivotally, we never saw him make a proper move and ask Pam out. I imagine that fact would be rattling around in his head until he finally lost his sanity after hearing Pam call him “cute.”

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