20 Facts About the Coen Brothers and Some of Their Best Movies

Yes, the Dude abides, but they did more than that.
20 Facts About the Coen Brothers and Some of Their Best Movies

Very recently, we discussed the Coen brothers’ The Big Lebowski, one of their best and most iconic films. But our scattered mind then had flashbacks of Barton Fink, which might well be a way darker precursor to the 1998 stoner comedy, and before we knew it, we were going down a memory rabbit hole made up of Coen brothers movies. Because that’s the thing: The Big Lebowski is flawless, but the Coens’ entire filmography is full of flawless and classic films just asking to get Pictofacted.

In this Pictofact, we comply. We here focus on the Coens, some of their collaborations, but mainly on some of their other best films. And the quality of their output is so high that we couldn’t even fit them all. We skipped classics like The Man Who Wasn’t There – although now that we think about it, we also skipped the lesser works: Intolerable Cruelty, a silly romcom that goes nowhere, and The Ladykillers, a misguided comedy whose merit was anticipating the sort of awful Tom Hanks roles he’s starting to get us used to. Anyway, the Coens still deserve loving attention, so here are 20 facts about them and their best movies.

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