13 Funny Jokes and Soothing Bits from Joe Pera

13 Funny Jokes and Soothing Bits from Joe Pera

Joe Pera really likes to talk, and as evidenced by his growing die-hard fanbase, people appreciate the conversation. Pera’s easy-going monotone voice and simple outlook on life created three seasons of cult comedy on Adult Swim via Joe Pera Talks with You, along with a brand new stand-up special being released today. Seeing a man being fascinated by nearly anything has turned out to be, well, fascinating.

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So let’s give Pera a firm handshake and a thank you by looking at some of his funniest moments…

As a Pancake Breakfast Critic

MTV sent Pera on a journey to enjoy various fundraising pancake breakfasts and give his critiques. I wonder how these firefighters would fare on his “okay” rating system.

Getting Represented by Max Gold

Early in his career, Pera had an agent for his various stand-up gigs. Needless to say, it was a contrast in personalities.

To Help You Sleep

In lieu of just plain talking to you, Pera talks you back to sleep with Joe Pera Talks You Back to Sleep. He doesn’t mind telling you about the soothing sounds of milk being poured so you can get some shut-eye.

Shootin’ Hoops with Joe

Pera knows all about the fundamentals. Young players could learn something from Pera’s earlier hoops hubris, as a 360-degree dunk off the hood of an ice cream truck is poor sportsmanship.

Announcing Himself as the New James Bond

On Late Night with Seth Myers, Pera got to talk about his new opportunities, including his new role as “a celibate, American James Bond.”

On the Buffalo Bills

On Valentine’s Day

“Every year on Valentine’s Day, a lot of people wear red to be festive, but I instead wear black out of respect for all the ladies’ hearts I’ve broken with this smile.”

On Lighthouses

Discussing Soup Making So You Could Sleep

On his podcast Drifting Off with Joe Pera, Pera has some interesting takes on soup that are just as soothing as sipping a hot bowl yourself. There’s even an eight-hour-long version to ensure a full night’s rest while giggling softly.

When Pera Talked to Stephen Colbert

When Colbert first saw Pera’s show, he knew to book him on The Late Show. The result is an earnest conversation about grocery shopping.

Meeting the Breakfast Crew

One day, maybe Pera will have his own breakfast crew. Maybe he’ll bring the sex appeal.

Saying Goodbye to a Jack-O-Lantern

Jack-O-Lanterns cannot last forever. Pera knows this. With that in mind, Pera lays the personified pumpkin to rest the best way he knows how: letting it swim over a waterfall.

Baba O’Riley

After hearing The Who’s hit song for the first time, the tune consumes Pera’s life, showing a side of Pera he’s never displayed before.

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