LeBron James Can’t Believe How Bad the Basketball Scene Was in ‘Teen Wolf’

LeBron James Can’t Believe How Bad the Basketball Scene Was in ‘Teen Wolf’

LeBron James thinks that Teen Wolf has the funniest basketball scene in movie history — apparently, even he didn’t laugh during his Space Jam reboot.

Anyone who has ever seen a movie or TV portrayal of their line of work knows that Hollywood likes to take liberties — it’s not like lawyers watch Law & Order and expect Sam Waterston to use objections correctly. Well, basketball players are no different. And as bad as athletes are at acting, theater kids are even worse at sports, so the vast majority of movie scenes involving any kind of athletic competition are laughable to anyone who has so much as played a pick-up game of basketball at the YMCA.

Yesterday morning, the four-time NBA Finals MVP stumbled upon what he thinks is the most hysterical attempt at simulating the excitement and drama of a high-stakes basketball game in the 1985 classic coming-of-age comedy Teen Wolf. But I’d like to see how LeFlop would fare in the much more gritty, physical and fundamentals-focused era of high school basketball in 1980s Nebraska.

Obviously, the official NBA rules clearly state that a player who fouls out of the game is not allowed to stand at the baseline under the basket during the ensuing free throws, even if the defender’s girlfriend had sex with the player taking the foul shots after he developed werewolf powers and became popular. Every NBA referee knows that, and James’ Lakers would never have to face such an obscene violation of the rules in a real basketball game.

As for Michael J. Fox’ decision not to “go back to the wolf” during the championship game, James clearly missed the point of Fox’ inner transformation over the course of the film as he learned to accept himself and realized that he didn’t need to lean on his lycanthropy to be a champion. It’s the exact same reason James ditched his iconic headband and let his hairline speak for itself when he started going bald — a true king doesn’t need hair to wear the crown.

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