The athletes listed below found themselves next to the camera as well as managed to do some terrible but brilliant work. They gave it all, but the Academy will not consider giving out awards for always being lusciously bad upon the big screen.

Bob Uecker, the baseball player, needs a medal for all of his buggered-up, beautifully Ueck-ish roles. With his incredible work from  Mr Belvedere to Major League, as well as his collaboration touting the Milwaukee Admirals, he's invariably conquered his flaws on stage with zeal. Bob, Best wishes to you.

There are several household names in the acting country currently, and almost none of them can compete with the athletes we're almost certain to discuss, supposedly because they're afraid that bad acting is virulent.

A slightly better fact about them is their acting abilities would end up making a fresh-faced Ben Affleck blush. They're "bad," rr dreadful, as people say in just this television commercial.

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