26 of LeBron James’ Funniest Moments — On and Off the Court

26 of LeBron James’ Funniest Moments — On and Off the Court

The NBA, of course, is filled with amazing athletes, but it’s quite possible that some of their best work is actually done off the basketball court. 

Case in point: There was a brief time when the game’s greatest players also moonlighted as Twitter’s funniest posters. This era of reckless abandon gave us gems like J.R. Smith’s pipe dreams, Kevin Durant watching the History Channel at the club and the Hillary Clinton-ification of Joel Embiid’s 2017 All-Star Game snub

None of them, though, have anything on four-time Finals MVP LeBron James. Whether online, in post-game interviews or just IRL, LeBron truly is the GOAT — of being funny. And the best part? He’s not going out of his way to work for that laughter either. 

This fact did not go unnoticed by @yvngplank on Twitter, who recently tweeted, “LeBron is genuinely one of the funniest athletes of all time unintentionally.” The timeline agreed and chimed in with a highlight reel for the ages of the FOAT’s most hilarious moments. 

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