We've all been there: You're stuck at some party or gathering with a bunch of people you either half-know or have never seen before in your life. You're diligently posted by the chips and dip, looking for a dog or cat to interact with for the rest of the night… When suddenly it happens. Oh no. Someone has started a conversation with you. You tell one another how you know the host, if you live around here, and that the song currently playing is a banger… And now you're stuck just awkwardly nodding your heads waiting for someone to end this misery. Don't fear! We have you covered with the following facts that, when brought up out of context, with bare minimum result in a “Huh! Interesting!” from your chatting companion! If you're still stuck after you've run through all of these, we guess you can go hide in the bathroom or maybe a cat will finally show up. 

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