Carrie Fisher Was Not Into Normal Handshakes As A Greeting

There are a few basic things we all do when meeting people. Then there's Carrie Fisher.
Carrie Fisher Was Not Into Normal Handshakes As A Greeting

We're living in a time of extreme social distancing, where it's important to try to maintain six feet of distance between yourself and others. And even before this, over in Hollywood, we were going through the #MeToo movement, where it was becoming more and more clear that people (men, we're speaking primarily about men here) had to maintain more professional boundaries. But leave it to our once and future Princess and General, Carrie Fisher, to flip that script entirely on its head.

During a recent interview, actor Greg Grunberg was recalling his first interaction with Fisher, and how quickly they became close. Grunberg played a pilot named Snap Wexley, and while you'd be forgiven for not knowing his name, you can take solace in the fact that Carrie Fisher didn't care about that at all. As Grunberg tells it, "On The Force Awakens, my first scene was actually a scene where she's cutting my character down, and then she walks towards meââ'¬Ã'¦ She walked right towards me, wrapped her arms around me and grabbed my ass. And I didn't even know her! I was thinking, 'This is Carrie Fisher! I'm such a fan.' So, she did that, and J.J. walked up to me and goes, 'Welcome to Star Wars.' From that moment on, we became fast friends; Billie and I are close. We all just bonded in a really great way. I know she had that same sort of thing with other people because she has no airs."

For Abrams to have a response as casual as, "Welcome to Star Wars" kind of gives the implication that this was normal Carrie Fisher behavior when it came to meeting new people. Later on in the interview, Grunberg tells another story about how she never stopped giving him shit -- and he's got video. Once, after filming in London, a group of people were going to have a small party at Fisher's flat. Grunberg went back to his hotel room to get a shower and kinda crashed a little. He gets a phone call from J.J. Abrams, and Carrie Fisher is just yelling, wondering where Grunberg is. Abrams videoed her tearing him a new one, and it's a video that Grunberg says he'll cherish forever.

Forget the people wanting a release of "The J.J. Cut" of Rise of Skywalker (which Grunberg says doesn't exist), we want to see Carrie Fisher demanding younger actors show up to parties.

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