The 15 Funniest Jokes from Adult Swim Shows

The 15 Funniest Jokes from Adult Swim Shows

For more than 20 years, stoners and insomniacs have stayed up late to laugh their asses off at adult-rated cartoons on Cartoon Network. Moreover, the Adult Swim animation block has not only entertained but helped a generation legitimize cartoons as an art form that isn’t just for kids. 

Okay, now that we got the honors and stuff out of the way, how about we get to the fart jokes?

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Yeah? Good. Here then are some of the most hilarious jokes and moments from Adult Swim’s history...

Charlie Warned You

Charlie from Smiling Friends warned you. He said he’d punch you if you did that again. That’s on you.

Harvey Birdman Proves Evolution

On Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Birdman attempts to prove evolution by using a powerful trump card: Magilla Gorilla.

When Brak’s Dad Got a Job at an Ice Cream Parlor

On The Brak Show, Brak’s Dad got a job selling ice cream, and things got weird. Like more weird than you could imagine.

Grandpa Proves Mr. Pickles’ Evilness

Poor Grandpa knew Mr. Pickles wasn’t as good of a dog as everyone thought. However, some things shouldn’t be explored.

When Black Dynamite Met His Fairy Godfather

Black Dynamite had his version of The Wizard of Oz or a “Black version of The Wiz,” complete with meeting his Fairy Godfather: James Brown.

The Wizard’s Baker

The kids of Home Movies created a nonsensical musical that’s entertaining but makes a great point: That wizard should be impeached.

‘Frisky Dingo’ Explores Single Parenthood

Being a single dad isn’t easy, especially when you’re an aspiring supervillain. And it certainly doesn’t help if the kid’s mother figure has poor taste in men. 

Grandad from ‘The Boondocks’

Listen, we’ve all been Grandad at one point or another. If not, we’ll get old and eventually become him. Hopefully, we’ll be less stressed out. Not likely, though.

Dethklock Discovers the Grocery Store

Metalocalypse is right. I don’t care how many times you protest; it’s just the truth: Booze ain’t food. 

Dr. Orpheus on ‘The Venture Bros.’

How could you not imitate the good doctor when you’re at a party with a rousing, “Who wants PIZZA ROOOOOOLLS?” with as much pomp and circumstance as possible.

‘Robot Chicken’s Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes is a celebration of imagination; however, the folks at Robot Chicken explored what would happen if that imagination got out of hand. SPOILER: It’s bloody as hell.

‘Rick and Morty’s Interdimensional Cable

While Rick and Morty has witty jokes and deep plots, in terms of hilarity, few shows have as many jokes per second than when the main characters sit down to watch Interdimensional Cable. Gazorpazorpfield alone makes it a top bit on this list.

Grandpa Leonard Ghostal on ‘Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast’

While Space Ghost kickstarted this whole Adult Swim thing, one of the most memorable moments on the show was when his former pro wrestler grandfather Leonard Ghostal took over to host and interviewed Raven-Symoné. And this is before mentioning that he’s voiced by Macho Man Randy Savage.

‘Sealab 2021’ Brought to You By Grizzlebees!

You’ll wish you had less fun! Now with a free order of cookie bread!

The Mooninites

While there are several hilarious characters and moments in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the Mooninites are arguably the peak of them. With their robotic speech, odd crude dialogue and ability to merge to form a gun that shoots the slowest bullet of all time, this duo truly shows why the moon rules.

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