14 Great Jokes from Totally Drunk Characters

Seeing your favorite characters hammered can shed a new hilarious light on them
14 Great Jokes from Totally Drunk Characters

If people aren’t going to bars to get drunk, they go to bars to watch others get drunk. It can be fascinating and funny to see how certain people behave when their inhibitions are lowered. Comedy is no exception, as characters getting blotto can lead to them showing rarely seen sides of themselves or achieving hilarious new lows.

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Here are some of the funniest jokes and clips that involve characters hitting the sauce a bit too hard...

Rum Ham

What hurts more than losing a volleyball/your only friend at sea? Losing a rum-infused ham.

Billy Madison Sees a Penguin

At the beginning of Billy Madison, Billy gets day-drunk and sees the gardener as a giant penguin and, well, watch the clip.

Annie’s ‘Relaxed’ Flight

Annie needed to chill out while on a plane in Bridesmaids, so she had a few drinks and a sedative. She was determined to get to first class by any means necessary.

Kramer’s Enjoyment of Hennigan’s

On Seinfeld, Kramer gets a few swigs of Hennigan’s scotch and goes on to make his own impromptu commercial for it.

Bob’s Drunken Night Out on ‘Bob’s Burgers’

After finishing his driving shift, Bob stopped and had a few drinks with his new friends. And maybe crack. But mostly drinks.

Randy Smith: Drunk Little League Dad

While the kids of South Park just want their baseball season to end, Randy just beers it up every game. Which is his right — this is AMERICA!

Parks and Inebriation

Tom creates a liquor so powerful that it unlocks all of his friends’ drunkest personalities. Even Ron Swanson.

Gary’s Lowest Moment

In Team America: World Police, Gary gets boozed out at a bar to drown his troubles and get some wisdom from a barfly. Then the vomit comes. And keeps coming.

‘Family Guy’ Confessions

The boys at Family Guy get sloshed at the Drunken Clam and get into assault confessions, Simpsons plot points and blowing into Joe’s catheter, among other things.

Lenny’s Drunken Appreciation

On The Simpsons, the employees of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant enjoy a night at a baseball game paid for by their boss, Mr. Burns, complete with beer. Well, Lenny had a few and wanted to show his appreciation to the boss with the most loving yet threatening thumbs-up ever animated.

Archer’s Bloody Mary Prayer

Hank and Peggy’s Anniversary

On King of the Hill, Hank and Peggy celebrate their anniversary with some hard drinking. After the good times wear off and the drunkenness takes hold, the couple gets real and gets depressed over not having more kids.

When Bender Got Sober on ‘Futurama’

Per Futurama, in the year 3000, robots will run on alcohol, so they need booze in order to operate properly. So when Bender doesn’t have enough liquor in his system, he’s as drunk as any humanoid would be.

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