16 Hall of Fame Jokes from ‘King of the Hill’

We’ve got propane jokes and accessories
16 Hall of Fame Jokes from ‘King of the Hill’

Mike Judge’s King of the Hill is held in the same iconic regard as Family Guy and The Simpsons but could achieve hilarity without ever having to go “full cartoon.” It’s garnered such a fanbase from its original run to syndication to streaming that a sequel series is currently in the works. And I tell ya whut, with the number of classic jokes and moments we had to omit to make this list manageable, it’s no surprise that it’s making a comeback.

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With that in mind, grab a cold Alamo beer and enjoy some of these top jokes and moments from the original King of the Hill run...

Hank Accidentally Smokes Weed

When Hank unintentionally smokes a blunt instead of a cigarette, his straitlaced nature causes him to freak out more than marijuana could ever make him.

Peggy Is Not A Travel Expert

Peggy’s know-it-all attitude can bite her in the ass sometimes, never more so than when the Hill clan visits Japan.

Hank Pulls Bobby Out of Husky Modeling

Knowing the mindset of the average middle schooler, Hank overlooks Bobby’s pleaful speech about modeling to save him from bullies trashing the fashion show.

Boomhauer Learns of the Dangers of Virtual Reality

Peggy’s Anti-Swinging Stance

Peggy makes this confident observation after a series of couples dates with the Gribbles gets misinterpreted as potential swinging.

Boomhauer Speaks Clearly

In “A Fire Fighting We Will Go!,” we see all the guys tell their versions of how a fire started within a fire station started when they were volunteering as firefighters. During Boomhauer’s flashback, he can be heard clearly for the first and only time in the series.

Hank’s Steak Grilling Lesson

Grand Theft Propane and Propane Accessories

You wouldn’t figure Hank could get addicted to a video game, but after seeing a Rockstar Games version of himself in Pro-Pain, he’d be a propane salesman turned Twitch streamer.

Hate Is a Great Motivator for Peggy

As part of her rehabilitation after surviving a skydiving accident, Peggy got tough-love (tough-hate?) motivation from Cotton to get her back on her feet.

Khan Adding Lyrics to Axel Foley’s Theme

Khan lets his musical side show as he excitedly sings his own lyrics to the iconic theme from Beverly Hills Cop.

Mr. Gilbert Fontaine De la Tour D’Haute Rive

Bill’s cousin certainly made an impact as a charismatic Southern gay man who starkly contrasts with Bill while being a great influence on Bobby as King of the Hill’s answer to Oscar Wilde.

Hank Using WD-40 to Open WD-40

The Propaniacs

In one of the few times Hank appreciated Bobby’s comedy (well, maybe the only time), the Hills bond over the best sketch team ever centered around clean-burning fuel: The Propaniacs.

Hank the Pimp

Hank is perceived as the “Mac Daddy of Heimlich County” to defend his friend/employee Tammy, who has a pimp named Alabaster Jones, voiced by Snoop Dogg

Pocket Sand!

In the episode “Soldier of Misfortune,” Dale mistakenly grabs the wrong briefcase Hank set up to be taken in a fake caper, which gives us a treasure of a simple concept that has blinded schoolyard bullies for decades now.

‘That’s My Purse! I Don’t Know You!’

Arguably the most famous, memeable moment from King of the Hill is Bobby Hill’s war cry that he learned from a women’s self-defense class.

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