'GTA 6': Rockstar Games Finally Announces That It's Coming

Rockstar just made the announcement of the decade.
'GTA 6': Rockstar Games Finally Announces That It's Coming

Rockstar Games has finally announced not only that the new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is coming, but also that it is well underway. That’s one hell of a long time coming because you shouldn't let the various re-releases fool you: Grand Theft Auto V came out nearly a decade ago. Yes, it came out in 2013, just some months after the end of the world. Hell, that’s an entire generation ago (a console generation, that is). 

While it is unfair to blame the people at Rockstar for sleeping on their asses because we know they released Red Dead Redemption 2, a game that involved the mistreatment of the development team, it feels pretty fair to say that yeah, we really need more GTA in our lives.

The best part of this decade-saving tweet is Rockstar's unflinching confidence. There's no E3 event, no trailer, not even a screenshot of an ugly-ass new protagonist. Instead, just a few words that you just feel were written by an actual Rockstar working at Rockstar wearing only his pajamas.

While it's really cool to see that the team is hard at work in the new game and that the reason they've been silent is that they're busy making the bigger and best GTA ever made, it's hard not to feel at least a bit scared because of all the turmoil the company has been through these past few years. Just this year, we saw the company's co-founder, longtime GTA writer and radio station music-picker Dan Houser leave the company. No way that won't have an impact on the game. But this is no time to be negative, let's just believe that the only person responsible for abusing the employees!

Rockstar Games better knock this one out of the park, but maybe not much farther than that. We don’t want it to once again prove such a steady source of income that they just won’t bother giving us the entry set in space for another entire decade.

Top Image: Rockstar Games

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