5 Weird Events That Could Only Happen On Twitch

Sometimes Twitch streams turn to performance art.
5 Weird Events That Could Only Happen On Twitch

Twitch.tv, the dominant video game streaming platform, might have a lot of bad stuff in its inner workings, but its users, well ... they can also suck. Luckily, however, the absence of good-hearted content is more than made up for by all the gloriously weird stuff you can find inside. 

Even though it's mostly meant for gaming, users over the years have found ways to make use of the platform's features to spring various near-performance-art bonkers events that most users have no idea awaits when logging in ...

The World Of Competitive Farming Is Growing

What's the least e-Sportable game in the world? Konami eFootball because it's broken and doesn't work? Damn, that's a good one. Our pick would be Farming Simulator, and well, we'd be wrong. Turns out that Farming Simulator 22 isn't only a game with a competitive side, it's one that features its very own league. And it's glorious.

Get ready for the Farming Simulator League, something that's not even a result of the insanity that is the 2020s. It came out of 2018, a year most people consider saner because they're unaware that's when someone decided to turn the world's most soothing game into an adrenaline-pumping fest.

Focus Home Interactive

Unless regular farming is anything like this, which we honestly don't know.

Because yeah, if you're expecting to see people watering seeds for six hours, we got bad news. This stuff is hardcore.

Focus Home Interactive

OMG, a no belt quick throw.

If the medium-high octane action has piqued your interest, consider maybe joining next year's league, which will likely feature a big prize of over $100,000. Yeah, you read that right, a pretty hefty sum for a modest game regular sum for a game that sometimes gets more concurrent players than Battlefield 2042.

Focus Home Interactive

Battlefield < Cattlefield

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The Best Hot Tub Stream Ever

The "hot tub meta" is how twitch users jokingly refer to what has become a trend on the platform: women on a hot tub or makeshift pool wearing just a swimsuit.


How could this attract viewers? Such a mysterious mystery. 

The number of users enraged at the concept of women making the best out of Twitch's terms of service to take control naturally didn't go well with many, who felt threatened that women will take Twitch away from them through vagina magic or something. Here's XQC, who happens to be one of the biggest streamers on the platform and a fully grown man, crying like a baby.

Pretty cool for a guy who makes way more money than anyone who's ever engaged with the "meta."

Truth is, everyone is free to hate it, but ultimately that's between Twitch and the tub streamers. If you want to point out the ridiculousness of it all, consider going GeorgeNotFound's route. George, a streamer with a hilarious history on the platform, created his own hot tub streaming event, titled "best hot tub stream ever." In it, he set up a hot tub in his room, jumped in fully clothed, and stayed there doing dumb things for hours.

The whole event culminated with George cracking eggs on his head and then drinking the goddamn hot tub water. We don't know what kind of things turns our viewers on, but we're just gonna assume that's at least not at the top of the list. George's stream pretty much put to rest the conspiracy theory that women are successfully using sexy streams to take over the platform, as his daft display ended up being the most popular hot tub video of all time.


The easiest path to big Twitch numbers is catering to small children or grown adults that behave like one. 

Project CodeMiko

Miko is the first human-3dwaifu hybrid. The idea seems straight out of an Elon Musk fever dream, but it's the result of an actual tech wiz's work. The streamer behind Miko thought that just recording herself every day wasn't enough of a hassle, so she got a high-tech suit that motion captures all of her movements live, allowing her to do entire streams as a fully 3d avatar.

The technology is genuinely impressive, even if you aren't into anime.

The tech on display could easily make the most boring content feel engaging – think the movie Avatar, but she actually puts the work in and gets the character in various scenarios and weird situations with her followers.

Some say Miko represents the future of streaming, which might naturally scare regular human streamers, as well as the platform since it probably didn't expect to be overtaken by what feels like the precursor to the matrix this early. In case you feel like following her footsteps, we wish you all the luck with that lottery win, as the Xsens mocap suit she uses costs over $30,000.

The Unearthing Of An Extremely Rare Set Of Pokémon Cards (That Are Made Up)

Another huge Twitch trend is just watching people open trading card booster packs. Please don't be too quick to call it dumb because whenever bad Twitch viewers are busy doing something, they're not harassing other streamers.

Streamer Jerma is known for a number of videos that are hilarious in the classic sense (if you are of Internet age, at least), as well as various inventive streams. One of his best was a card meta spoof, in which Jerma went to the desert and excavated what he thought was a bunch of extra old and ultra-rare Pokémon cards. They weren't. These were actually Grotto Beasts, a totally made-up thing, one that's possibly much better.

The video is great by itself, but what elevated it was the viewer interactions (yeah, we wrote that). He was obviously joking from the start, and his followers were in on the joke as well, but the people who randomly joined weren't. The newcomers kept screaming that the viewers were all getting scammed but were met with a large number of defenders hellbent on saving the reputation of the very serious card archaeologist whose hour-spanning career they admire.

Everything About Dandi Line

Twitch streamer Dandidoesit runs the most peculiar stream in this already pretty stellar collection of weird. Dandi describes her channel as an "LPVG," which stands for "Live Performance Video Game." That sounds confusing, but there's official lore that viewers can read in order to better understand it. 

It teaches us that Dandi is not a real person but a product from a company known only as "The Company," and the objective of her game is to run Q.A. tests on various Dandi models. These Q.A. tests take the form of very different but always bonkers live performances that will task viewers with deciding whether the current Dandi model should be decommissioned or sent to her destiny (we assume that's the good result).


She also has the best guests.

To say that her streams are varied is putting it mildly. Sometimes you might catch Dandi doing a soothing Yoga stream on an alien planet. Sometimes she'll be an amorphous blob performing to viewers who'll just ask what the hell is this stream even about.


It never gets much less weird than this.

Unlike streamers like Dr DisRespect and tyler1, who conveniently just play a supposedly more toxic version of themselves on stream, Dandi plays an entire line of clones in various incredibly bizarre worlds she projects on her living room.


It's like a hot tub stream for the mind.

You can find Tiago streaming dumb words on Twitch.

Top Image: Jerma/Twitch.tv

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