5 Bizarre Tales Of Bizarre Twitch Behavior

Despite its official status as a gaming platform, Twitch has grown so large and so weird that it has become a home for plenty of non-gaming shenanigans.
5 Bizarre Tales Of Bizarre Twitch Behavior

Despite its official status as a gaming platform, Twitch has grown so large and so weird that it has become a microcosm of many non-gaming shenanigans. While some of them are funny, some others verge on pretty messed up -- yeah, even if you ignore sex-related stuff ... 

Dr DisRespect's Shooting Gets Almost Too Real

Guy "Dr DisRespect" Beahm is a highly divisive streamer, which is a fancy way of saying that there are a lot of people excusing his racist impersonations and weirdly conspiratorial rants. Back in 2018, Dr DisRespect showed up on stream not as his usual roid-fueled angry Duke Nukem impersonator persona, but as a regular angry guy, very pissed off that some asshole shot at his house for the second time in just as many days.

It doesn't get any more regular guy-ish than a guy whose name is Guy.

Naturally, many thought this could have been yet another stunt, but most of the people watching this thought it was the real deal, as this marked just the second time DrDisRespect showed up on-screen as a real person. The first being that time he admitted to cheating in the game of competitive marriage. 

Authorities later found out that the shots came from a bb gun, luckily something that stood to do little harm to a character from an '80s action movie. Either way that doesn't mean you should be shooting at the dude anywhere outside of a game.

Swatting And Twitch Viewers' Weird Hard-On For It

Back in 2015, streamer trick2g faked being a victim of a swatting – the act of calling in a team of SWAT police to raid and possibly kill someone – to celebrate reaching the 800K follower mark, as one does.

The production values of the entire thing were as crass as the "comedy" behind it, but the laughs actually end up coming later when trick2g got banned over it. And this should have been the last anyone ever heard of swatting and/or about trick2g, but by now, you probably wouldn't be surprised to find out that swatting is actually the favorite crime of Twitch users.

See, Twitch has a very weird hard-on for swatting, so much so that some swatting clips are the top viewed videos in the history of the godforsaken platform. Swatting is so big, in fact, that even clips of people just talking about getting swatted, like Fortnite mega champ Kyle "Bugha" Giesdorf talking about his terrifying ordeal, get to the Top Videos list.

Luckily, none of these swattings ended up deadly to anything but our hope for the future.

GeorgeNotFound's Short But Intense History Of Self-Abuse

Harassment on Twitch a common practice that's rarely addressed, let alone punished. So when Twitch does take action, that's nice ... right? Unfortunately, they are new to the whole "trying to do the right thing" thing, so they're still making bonkers mistakes. The strange tale of George "GeorgeNotFound" Davidson is one of the most hilarious examples, as he once got banned for harassing ... himself. 

Twitch started off by banning Davidson's second account, "ThisIsNotGeorgeNotFound" citing having a name that explicitly insults another player as the reason. While we get that George's name picks are only below David Lynch when it comes to messing with our minds, neither of his weird-ass usernames are something you can really find offensive, and, even if you could, he'd only be attacking what, his own inability to get to places in time?

George responded to the whole thing by tweeting out an apology ...

... that we assume he himself accepted, as Twitch ended up lifting his ban. Then, right before anyone could get angered by the thought of yet another serial abuser getting away scot-free, Twitch doubled down and banned not one of George's accounts but all of them. Then, still in the same 24 hour period, the oracles running the platform noticed that they had just repeated the mistake and finally released George from name jail forever for now.

The US Army Gets Bombed (By Emotes)

For a while now, the US Army has been applying less-than-subtle tactics to make viewers go from playing whatever version of Call of Duty is hot that month to answering the actual call of duty. In a rare but surprisingly awesome turn of events, however, Twitch users decided to fight back, and the battle was won almost immediately and in hilarious fashion.

The US navy was conducting a stream about "women of the warzone," and in an attempt to prevent any possible backlash from shamelessly trying to get horny kids to join the army, they straight-up decided to turn off text chat. Unfortunately for them, however, they forgot to restrict emote chat. Out of nowhere, bombs and fire started raining down the chat in beautiful emoji form


Maybe the Navy liked thought users were just showing their support. 

If you're planning on joining the army, you also have the option of joining the army of trolls making fun of the US Army on Twitch, as they could always use more volunteers.

Trickshooter Ruins His Career (Via Ultimate Trickshot)

Trickshooters are incredibly skilled players that make money off of pulling John Wick-level moves in first-person shooter games

However, their in-game skill doesn't in any way mean they're any good with real-life weapons. Former successful streamer SoaR Carl would probably agree, as back in March of 2020, he learned the hard way that he should probably stick to video-game weapons—especially when streaming to a large audience while drunk.

Carl decided it would be a rad idea to flash his gun to his viewers while making a nice little racist impersonation, then concluded the beautiful trifecta of stupid by accidentally having his gun go off. Luckily, there were no victims other than a can of energy drink, his awesome monitor, and his career.

After getting banned by Twitch and fired by team SoaR, Carl tweeted that he's aware that what he did was beyond stupid and also something he never does (aside from well, y'know).

... meaning that it really was a once-in-a-lifetime trickshot.

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