‘South Park’ Fans Choose the One Episode They Wish Was Never Made

‘South Park’ Fans Choose the One Episode They Wish Was Never Made

Fittingly, the question of which episode of South Park should be scrubbed from existence echoes the age-old debate of “Giant Douche vs. Turd Sandwich.”

South Park has been on the air for 26 years, 26 seasons and 325 episodes. Seeing as the financial evaluation of the entire South Park library reportedly eclipsed $1 billion, there’s obviously a lot of gold in that massive trove of TV. However, with such a high volume of output, there’s bound to be a few duds — episodes that either missed the mark or had unintentional consequences that changed the way hordes of South Park fans engage with their topical themes.

The South Park subreddit posed an interesting question yesterday, with user arnethyst asking, “You have the power to erase one South Park episode from existence. Which one, & why?” The only parameters for the picks being that the episodes “Pip,” “Jakovasaurs” and “Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus” are off the table as the three are pretty much universally considered to be the weakest entries; Trey Parker once said of the formermost, “Everyone, including us, hates ‘Pip.’”

Anyway, here are the South Park superfans’ choices for episodes to face existential erasure…

“Stanley's Cup” — Bog2ElectricBoogaloo

“The one where Mr. Garrison complains to his dad that he did not molest him as a kid so at the end his dad obliges.” — kilsta

“def the one where ms garrison goes to the lesbian bar. the getting Mexicans to do the work for everyone is a fine joke, but the episode itself is just super boring. its a parody of 300, but in that season there was already a lot of parodys and this one falls flat. wont be missed if it was gone” — Say_Syce

“I didn’t find White People Renovating Houses to be a particularly great episode, so I’d probably give that one the axe.” — Ma02rc

“Lice capades is the only right answer” — THegReatONE_XCIX

“The first time I watched Human CentIPad I got nauseous and couldn't finish. However, CUTTLEFISH AND ASPARAGUS somehow comes up in my life weekly. So I’ll say Britney’s New Look, which also grossed me out.” — kunderthunt

“Probably been said but human centIpad” — RangerSevere1522

“A Million Little Fibers” — numerous

“Ziplining was preeety weak. Shaka brah!” — herberstank

“Douche vs turd sandwich. Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny and I get the joke, but I’ve heard too many people cite this as a reason to not vote. Reality is different from a South Park episode.” — ClarkTwain

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