Inside Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s ‘South Park’ Fortune

The ‘South Park’ library is valued at over $1 billion while its creators spend their fortunes on tacos and waterfalls
Inside Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s ‘South Park’ Fortune

It turns out that 26 TV seasons, a hit Broadway musical, two feature films and nine video games will make two guys from the suburbs of Denver enough money to do more than just rehab a restaurant. Absolutely shocking. 

Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s much-publicized pet project, the resurrection of the dining and entertainment cathedral Casa Bonita in Lakewood, Colorado, has probably received more attention than any other restaurant re-opening in the history of modern cuisine. Between the “infinity dollars” they spent on renovations and their controversial switch to a no-tipping policy, Parker and Stone’s dream of spending a small percentage of their massive South Park fortune on their favorite childhood birthday destination has been the fascination of fans and foes alike since the pair purchased the struggling Casa Bonita in late 2021.

Then, on Sunday, Business Insider released their general examination of the South Park creators’ fortunes and how they choose to spend it outside the grounds of Casa Bonita, detailing the pair’s multiple, massive nine-figure deals for their flagship show and their spending habits since securing Tolkien Black-level wealth.

Business Insider detailed two deals struck by Stone and Parker (initially misidentified as Trey Stone and Matt Parker, somehow) in the last five years that publicly cemented their status as super-wealthy animation magnates — the 2018 licensing rights deal with Warner Bros. that is currently the subject of a lawsuit between Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount Global worth $500 million, and the six-year, $900 million extension the two signed with ViacomCBS in 2021. 

On top of that, when Parker and Stone secured a $600 million credit line from HPS Investment Partners in order to venture into 3D video games and entertainment created with deep fake technology, their South Park library was evaluated at a cool $1 billion, making it one of the most valuable TV properties of all time. 

Parker and Stone have spent their wealth on the usual extravagance that youd expect from any superwealthy individuals — mansions in Los Angeles, ranches in Steamboat Springs — but the most interesting aspects of their fortunes will always be these South Park-inspired side projects. Between the combined $40 million theyve spent on Casa Bonita and the unreported capital required to turn Tegridy Farms into a real-life weed company, Parker and Stones rich people passion projects are, fittingly, so much more iconoclastic and interesting than those of their contemporaries in the uber-rich community. 

That said, if Parker and Stone ever sell out and start hawking crypto like Matt Damon or stick the faces of South Park characters on crappy bottles of liquor, we should all agree to give them the Tolkien treatment and chase them out of town in our ghost costumes.

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