Of Course A.I. ‘South Park’ Is Already Taking on Anal Probes

The ‘ai south park’ YouTube channel turns fan suggestions into nine-hour streams — and they’ve finally caught up to the ‘South Park’ pilot
Of Course A.I. ‘South Park’ Is Already Taking on Anal Probes

Roughly five days after the YouTube channel “ai south park” first started streaming nine-hour, infinitely generated South Park episodes that show GameCube-level animations of Kenny, Kyle, Stan and Cartman endlessly bantering and bickering in pitch-perfect Trey Parker and Matt Stone voices, the boys finally had the inevitable and important conversation about Cartman's anal probes yesterday afternoon. Honestly, what took them so long?

There are countless A.I. abominations approximating beloved comedy shows swirling around the ether — Jerry Seinfeld even denounced his since-silenced A.I. parody “Nothing, Forever” when its blocky, monotone, meandering drones Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer (or Larry, Fred, Yvonne and Kakler) made national news with their purgatorial parade of punchlines and ill-timed laugh tracks. However, in the months since the rise and fall of “Nothing, Forever,” the technological advancements in endlessly generated A.I. parody content make the Seinfeld stream look like the Pong to “ai south park's” Red Dead Redemption 2.

Though the 3D animation may seem anachronistic to the original art style of South Park, the rhythm, vocal accuracy and tonal consistency puts “ai south park” firmly ahead of its contemporaries in the “hellish robot sludge parody” community. Thankfully, (and obviously,) the A.I. stream is still far behind its source material — after all, the actual South Park knocked out anal probes in the pilot episode.

The topics for each stream of “ai south park” are decided by the small-but-growing fan community on the channel's Discord server. Suggestions range from “Cartman learns about Joseph Stalin” to "Kenny buys a very Rusty 1925 Ford Model T" to "eric changes his name to Cortland and gets a bowl cut. Everyone else is jealous and threatens suicide because Cortland is stealing all the girls," with the usual slog of shitposts and hyper-niche non-sequiturs also added to the pile of otherwise compelling storylines.

As the internet begins to take note of “ai south park” with incredulous and curious users on YouTube, Twitter and TikTok tuning into the newest advancement in infinite A.I. comedy, the creators of the South Park parody will work to avoid mistakes made by their predecessors while still maintaining a high level of audience interaction. “Nothing, Forever” went awry when A.I. Jerry went on an anti-transgender tirade, violating Twitch's content rules and resulting in a ban from the platform. In the description of the channel's streams, the “ai south park” creator writes, “Any discriminatory or illegal content is not permitted and not endorsed in any way. We apologize if users succeed in circumventing our measures for preventing this sort of content.”

That's going to be a tough tight-rope to walk considering the fact that the actual South Park violates about a dozen of YouTube's content guidelines on a weekly basis.

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