‘Do You Know What an Honor That is For Me?’ Snooki Loves Her ‘South Park’ Parody

‘Do You Know What an Honor That is For Me?’ Snooki Loves Her ‘South Park’ Parody

If you’ve never been mercilessly mocked on South Park, are you even famous?

According to actor, singer, WWE wrestler, boxing promoter, wine dealer and reality TV star Nicole Polizzi, better known as Snooki from The Jersey Shore, the answer is a resounding “No!” shouted while spilling out of the backseat of a dented Escalade with a margarita in one hand and a pickle in the other. Between 2009 and 2010, Snooki and her housemates in Seaside Heights, New Jersey were eight of the most famous people in America as the country oscillated wildly between laughing at her and laughing with her at the rest of The Jersey Shore cast.

Now, over a decade after MTV’s smash hit series concluded, Snooki is a thriving wife and mother with her own wine brand and an amazingly healthy outlook on the searing scorn she once received as the star of the trashiest show on TV — particularly that from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, whose portrayal of her as incoherent humping rat goblin on the South Park Season 14 episode “It's a Jersey Thing” was an unironic high point in Snooki’s career. Though haters today still try to put down Snooki with references to the iconic bit, the reality star made it clear over the weekend that their efforts to remind her that she had an entire South Park episode written about her isn’t the dunk that they think it is.

“I chuckle when people try to insult me about me being a fat humping rat on South Park,” Snooki tweeted in response to a GIF of the episode in question that someone snarkily posted in her replies. “I was ON SOUTH PARK. Do you know what an honor that is for me? Fat rat and all lol.” 

It’s no secret that Parker and Stone save their most scathing portrayals for people who made their fame from reality TV — socialite and sex-tape star Paris Hilton recently recounted how deeply wounded she was when South Park showed her vomiting ejaculate while her signature chihuahua shot itself in the head.

Snooki, however, took a page out of her brief boxing and wrestling careers and chose to take her South Park episode on the chin — and, more than that, embraced the caricature as the highest form of flattery that Comedy Central can provide. After all, South Park doesn’t skewer just any muff cabbage.

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