‘South Park’ Went Way Too Hard on Paris Hilton, Says Paris Hilton

It turns out people don’t like it when Matt Stone makes their cartoon chihuahua kill itself
‘South Park’ Went Way Too Hard on Paris Hilton, Says Paris Hilton

Socialite and reality star Paris Hilton, be warned — the best way to get yourself mercilessly mocked on South Park is to say that you were upset the last time you were mercilessly mocked on South Park.

Last week, Hilton released her tell-all book, Paris Hilton: The Memoir, in which the millennial “It Girl” called out some of the critics who denigrated her character during her rise up the A-list in the early 2000s. Specifically, Hilton struck back at Matt Stone and South Park for a 2004 episode, tastefully titled “Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset,” which featured a fictionalized Hilton opening up a clothing and toy store for young girls in South Park, Colorado. The episode viciously criticized Hilton’s public persona and her influence on adolescent women, and it even showed Hilton’s famous furry accessory, her handbag chihuahua Tinkerbell, shoot itself in the head in order to escape her clutches.

Hilton commented on the puppy suicide scene, “I’ve been involved in some pretty edgy media, but I don’t even know where something like that comes from.” It comes from the sickos who wrote “Scott Tenorman Must Die,” that's where.

“I’m the title character,” Hilton wrote of the obscene episode name, “but they also apply that epithet to Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Tara Reid and all the little girls who were fans, which upset me more than anything ugly they could say about me.” The episode focused on a group of young girls obsessing over Hilton-branded toys, including a playset that allowed them to recreate her infamous sex tape. 

Hilton recalled being surprised by the attack on her character — she claimed that, before the episode ever aired, she met Stone and Trey Parker at a party and even “found them cool and interesting.” Clearly, the feeling was not mutual, since Hilton’s South Park parody character flashes her boobs and vomits semen in the first five seconds of her screen time.

Famously, Hilton was asked about the episode during an interview for the 2005 horror film House of Wax, during which she said, “I haven’t seen it, but when people copy you, that’s like the most flattering thing, so whatever people can say, I just laugh about it. It doesn’t matter to me.”

Stone responded to what was honestly a pretty innocuous deflection to a profoundly insulting portrayal by mouthing off in an IGN interview, saying of Hilton, “That shows just how fucked up she is. That’s terrible that she’s flattered by it.” 

In her memoir, Hilton wrote of her recorded reaction that she simply “mumbled something about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery,” before finally and sarcastically shooting back at Stone, “My not wanting to watch his cartoon about my dog being shot and me coughing up ejaculate — that’s evidence of how fucked up I am.”

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