The Funniest Lines from ‘South Park,’ According to Reddit

Reddit ranks the most quotable quips of ‘South Park’
The Funniest Lines from ‘South Park,’ According to Reddit

Through a whopping 26 seasons and 325 episodes, there is an overwhelming number of answers to the question “What’s your favorite South Park quote?” Luckily, Reddit has ranked them all, and next time we’re asked, we can just defer to Reddit’s authoritah. 

On Wednesday, an AskReddit thread accumulated thousands of answers to that question as it hit the front page, with quotes coming from just about every season of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s monolithic animated series. Almost every recurring character had an entry in the unofficial poll, though, predictably, Cartman claimed the lions’ share of legendary lines. 

Here is the short list of South Park quotes that we could never forget, even if we OD’d on cheesing or smoked a whole pound of Tegridy Weed

‘Screw you guys, I'm going home!’ – Cartman

‘Do you know what I am saying?’ – Butters

The Entire Token Bass Scene

‘Deey terk err jerbs! – Various

‘Aaaand its gone! – Unnamed Banker

‘I love life – Butters

‘Im not having a glass of wine, Im having six. Its called a tasting, and its classy – Randy


‘Kyles mom is a bitch – Cartman

‘Im not just sure, Im HIV positive – Cartman

‘I thought this was America! – Randy

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