40 Non-Actor Cameos on ‘The Simpsons’ We Forgot About

40 Non-Actor Cameos on ‘The Simpsons’ We Forgot About

After more than 30 seasons, you’re actually in the minority if you haven’t cameoed on The Simpsons. There’s Katy Perry’s iconic line, “That’s not my belly button, but I didn’t say stop”; Anthony Bourdain’s “There’s nowhere I won’t go, and nothing I won’t eat… as long as I’m paid in emeralds and my hotel room has a bidet that shoots warm champagne”; and Troy Aikman’s simple, universal truth: “Everyone likes dune buggies.” But what about the non-actor cameos you can’t quite recall? Don’t worry, we’re happy to jog your memory below…

STEPHENHAWKING asked the writers to keep him sober CRACKED.COM The physicist was up for a beer with Homer, but didn't want his animated self getting wasted. Everything else was fair game. One thing about him that is maybe not as well known, he had a tremendous sense of humor, says producer Al Jean.


There's no older cameo guest than TEDDY ROOSEVELT CRACKED.COM Roosevelt is brought to life by the magic of archival audio. With the help of Superintendent Chalmers, Bart soon has a new favorite president, albeit one that he imagines taking bites out of the skulls of his political opponents.

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MARK ZUCKERBERG was defusing Social Network des Commentor Center CRACKED COM The BBC theorizes the cameo was a stab at deflecting attention from the unflattering movie. Zuck meets Lisa and Nelson at an entrepreneurial exhibition, admitting he dropped out of Harvard. I'll get the best kind of degree - honorary, baby.


MARTHA STEWART knows the true meaning of Christmas CRACKED.COM When Marge needs holiday help, Stewart knits a jetpack and soars to Springfield. Reminding Marge that magical memories don't make themselves, she duct-tapes Bart and Milhouse into Nutcracker soldiers.


Homer sneaks into the skybox of RUPERT MURDOCH CRACKED.COM The Simpsons took plenty of shots at the media mogul over the years, but Murdoch remained a fan. Не appeared as himself, kicking Homer and friends out of his Super Bowl skybox. But not before they stick their dirty mitts in Murdoch's onion dip.

LA Times

KEN BURNS loves two things CRACKED.COM That's baseball and jazz. They so consumed my life I never had time for a proper haircut.


GARY LARSON works on the Far Side of Capitol City GRACKED.COM Other nuclear power plants let workers tape Gary Larson cartoons on their workstations, says a recruiter for a rival power plant. But at Cap City, you can see the man himself, coming out of retirement as the nuclear plant's in-house cartoonist.


JEFF GORDON drives for Team Kwik-E-Mart 6 PIZZA GRACKED.COM In one of the quickest Simpsons cameos ever, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon crosses through frame with a casual Hey, Мое. The bartender accurately observes, I bet we never see him again.



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