My word do we enjoy writing about celebrities (just look at our archives!). If there’s one thing we like more than that though, it’s writing about celebrities behaving badly. Fortunately they give us a lot of material to work with.

Some people are big in Japan, other people are banned in Japan. Like our mom always said: if you can’t go big, you better go home, and if you’re going to go home anyway, you may as well get banned. She was so smart. It looks like some of these celebrities may have met our mom (don’t you say it…) because they sure as heck whacked by the ol’ ban hammer and hard.

Turns out, finding out that you got banned from a country is basically an occupational hazard for celebrities. It’s also way easier than we thought–and believe me, we’ve tried. C’mon Sri Lanka, lighten up, let Akon in! Check out these 15 examples:

Russia told Selena Gomez that she couldn't get a visa to enter the country. ra ed Apparently, it was because of a new law that allowed authorities to refuse entry to pro-LGBT music artists. CRACKED.COM


The Philippines once banned Alec Baldwin from entering the country. He'd made a joke about ordering a mail order bride from the Philippines, which apparently made the authorities there furious. CRACKED.COM


China absolutely refused to allow Justin Bieber to perform there. It was because his inappropriate manner has caused public discontent, according to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture. CRACKED.COM


China banned DJ Zedd because he liked one tweet from South Park. It was a pretty innocuous tweet, but the issue was that South Park relentlessly criticizes the Chinese government. CRACKED.COM


Turns out, the United Kingdom banned Tyler the Creator from their country. The issue was Tyler's lyrics from 2009 and 2011, which the UK says are homophobic and intolerant. CRACKED.COM


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