Katy Perry Pretended To Be Zooey Deschanel To Get Into Clubs In The Early 2000s

Before Deschanel was mistakenly zapped into a UFO in Katy Perry's new music video, the actress already had her identity abducted -- by the "E.T." singer herself.
Katy Perry Pretended To Be Zooey Deschanel To Get Into Clubs In The Early 2000s

Earlier this week, Katy Perry and actress Zooey Deschanel collectively broke the internet, after the pop star tapped the indie darling to portray her in her new music video for "Not the End of the World," where the actress is kidnapped by confused, Teenage Dream-loving aliens, who mistook her for the singer, a play on the long-running joke that the two are certified doppelgangers

Yet even before she was zapped into a UFO, it seems the 500 Days of Summer star already had her identity abducted -- by the "E.T." singer herself.  During a joint live stream on Monday, Perry came clean about one of her adolescent hijinks, impersonating Deschanel to get into clubs after first moving to Los Angeles in 2002.

"I have to admit something, Zooey, When I came to LA, I was pretty much a nobody, and you were just getting huge at that time -- it was like Zooey Deschanel ran the world," she told her proverbial twin over Instagram Live, adding that she felt "complimented" by early comparisons to the Elf actress. "But I have to admit something to you on a Live: That when I first got to L.A., I went to the club a lot. and I wanted to get into the club and I had no money, and I had no clout, I had nothing, and sometimes I would pose as you to get into the club." 

This confession was apparently no news to Deschanel, who proceeded to inform a blushing Perry that she was, in fact, well aware of her early-aughts shenanigans. "Well, I know this because people were would be like, 'I saw you!'" the New Girl star said with a laugh, clearly surprising the flustered pop star. "But I'm such a Goody Two-shoes and people kept going, 'I saw you out! I made eye contact with you!' And I was like, 'No!' And then everybody kept telling me about this girl Katy, Katy, who looks just like you,' and I'm like, 'Who is this Katy?'"

However, Deschanel's concerns about her mysterious impersonator were quickly put to rest after meeting Perry -- namely, through realizing her lookalike was cute as heck. "And then when I met you, I was so relieved because you're so pretty and I was like, 'Oh, thank God. She's so pretty. "You never know when people say you look like somebody what they're gonna look like and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, she's gorgeous. Thank you,'" the She & Him frontwoman recalled. 

All compliments aside, remembering just how "crunk" she got while hitting the town, Perry issued yet another apology for her wild nights out as Deschanel.  "I was turned up to 11 at the club," she said. "I'm sorry if I misrepresented you; I wanted to say that now."

Deschanel seemingly took this confession in stride -- "It's a compliment!" she said. 

Stars, they're just like us! And by just like us, I mean committing party identity theft. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see which celebrity I most resemble, for, erm, research purposes. Yeah, research purposes. 

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