The ‘South Park’ Subreddit Picks Their Favorite Times Someone Killed Kenny

With 126 canonical death scenes under Kenny's belt, picking a favorite passing is no small task
The ‘South Park’ Subreddit Picks Their Favorite Times Someone Killed Kenny

In all of animated comedy history, no one has been abruptly killed and then brought back to life more times than South Park’s Kenny McCormick – unless, of course, you count the entirety of Futurama.

Kenny’s phoenix-like (or Jesus-like) propensity for death and resurrection is the oldest running gag in South Park history, having started in the original “Spirit of Christmas” short film back when Trey Parker and Matt Stone were still college students and Kenny looked suspiciously similar to Eric Cartman. Spread out across the entire South Park franchise, Kenny has been killed 126 times between the show, the movies, the shorts and the video games — only to return to South Park Elementary the following Monday. Considering that Kenny canonically comes back by being reborn from his mother’s womb each time he’s killed, we should all give Carol McCormick a midwife’s salute for her valiant struggle.

Over in the South Park subreddit, the show’s superfans recently ranked their favorite times Kenny was killed, only to return to the living world for more punishment. Here are their picks…

The Time Kenny Strangled Himself While Jerking It in A Batman Costume

The Time the Underpants Gnomes Killed Kenny… And No One Was Phased

The Time Kenny Was Speared Through the Skull By A Loose Pipe in Cartmanland

The Time Live-Action Kenny Died From Boredom

The Time Fonics Monkey Beat Kenny to Death Against Cartmans Entire Bedroom

The Time Ozzy Osbourne Bit Kenny’s Head Off at ‘Chef Aid’

The Time Bebe’s Stray Shot Killed Kenny in Front of His Family’s Pop-Tarts

The Time Kenny’s Heart Was Surgically Replaced With A Baked Potato

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