‘Futurama’: 10 Bender Burns More Fiery Than His Burps

The best moments when Bender put the meat bags in their place
‘Futurama’: 10 Bender Burns More Fiery Than His Burps

Even in Hulu’s revival season of Futurama, Bender “Bending” Rodriguez sadly still hasn’t yet achieved his life’s goal to kill all humans. But he’s done a pretty good job roasting them thus far.

The booze-binging bending unit from Tijuana is arguably the greatest trash-talker of the 31st century, spitting hot fire both literally and figuratively as he swaggers across the galaxy smoking cigars and swigging scotch. Bender may have a soft spot for a handful of meat bags — Fry specifically — but Bender democratically doles out his hilariously misanthropic one-liners at anyone in his way, the Planet Express Crew included.

In over 140 total episodes of Futurama, Bender has had too many burns to distill down to a definitive list without missing a few bangers, but here is my best attempt at capturing Bender’s best and most cutting cracks and quips…

‘No signs of life or intelligence. Just like Fry on a date’

‘Sir, she is as the factory made her’ – ‘Well, they should have stopped making her about halfway through’

‘Calm down, Leela. You can vent tonight on your blog’

‘What’s this fat ugly thing? A frog? A Toad? Or yo mama?’

‘Want a corndog?’ – ‘Sure!’ – ‘Then your mom should have bought you one’

‘Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves’

‘We’re trying our best’ – ‘Your best is an idiot!’

‘Die young and leave behind a pretty corpse, that’s what I say’ – ‘You should say something else!’

‘I’m going to jump!’ – ‘Do a flip!’

‘Bite my shiny metal ass!’

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