‘South Park’ Superfans Select the Show’s Grossest-Ever Scenes

‘South Park’ scenes that will turn your stomach worse than a chili made of parents
‘South Park’ Superfans Select the Show’s Grossest-Ever Scenes

After 26 seasons and 325 episodes of indulgent and gleeful gross-out humor, there’s not much that can turn the stomachs of South Park die-hards — but Trey Parker and Matt Stone sure as hell found what does.

When South Park first premiered on Comedy Central in 1997, it immediately became one of the most widely criticized shows on TV as conservative activists and parent groups alike condemned its preposterously profane style of satire. South Park’s anal probes and fiery farts inflamed the indignation of those who demand decency and decorum of late-night comedy — and that was just in the pilot episode.

Over the nearly three decades of South Park’s dominance in the field of graphically gross comedy, there have been hundreds of images, utterances, soundbites and splatter effects that could make a Puritan pass out. To be a South Park fan is to be desensitized to the kind of poop, piss, puke and gore that would make polite society lose their lunch. But even South Park superfans have their limits. A couple of nights ago in the show’s subreddit, user Cyclegg5743 asked the forum which South Park scene is the grossest of all time and “can make anyone sick.” 

With the strongest content advisory a South Park fan has to offer, here are their picks…

“MOM! BATHROOM!!!” — Gerber991

“The episode where they give Butters an at-home liposuction makes me cringe everytime.” — throw_plushie

“I don’t see how you didn’t throw up during the reading of scrotie mcboogerballs. Everyone was.” — bigolhamsandwich

“Randy pooping out his mouth.” — HPSFrax

“I don’t remember what episode, but when Butters kept his STUFF in jars. Bro, I changed my view on little man forever.” — matt_stotch

“Sorry in advance for all the vomiting this will cause, but that scene where Randy discovers PC Principal and Strong Woman are in a relationship.” — Thisissuchadragtodo

“When Cartman hides in Miss Choksondik’s dead corpse.” — ShreksFatWetBadusy

“I think about Halloween episode with Korn, when the graveyard attendant is fisting the jar of mayo to simulate the sound of necrophilia. That’s pretty good.” — M26Pershing45

“In ‘Butter’s Bottom Bitch’ when the undercover officer fills up the evidence bag to the brim.” — Ser_Dunk_the_tall

“Easily the actual footage of sex reassignment surgery in ‘Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina.’” – JeanShinari

This one youll have to go watch on YouTube, its even too graphic to post here.

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