14 Hall of Fame Jokes and Moments About Restaurants

Consider it a blue-plate special with a heavy helping of laughs
14 Hall of Fame Jokes and Moments About Restaurants

The business of feeding people is a nightmare. Taking orders, cooking orders, getting stiffed in pay and the goops — oh, all the various goops you deal with, whether it’s sauces, soups, creams or the gross oddities customers leave behind. It doesn’t matter if you work at a Michelin star-awarded restaurant or a joint that reheats slop from a can, the food industry is a grind, with the insanity reaching everywhere from the back of the kitchen to the front of the house. Meaning that whether you’re serving the food or eating it, restaurants are full of stories and situations ripe for comedy.

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To that end, here are some of the top jokes and comedic moments that some of your favorite comedians have cooked up...

Dusty Slay Ate Off People’s Plates

“I liked to eat off people’s plates when I was at work. After they were done with it, of course. A lot of people was telling me it was nasty and I shouldn’t be doing that. So I had to come up with a system as a way to justify it to them and maybe to myself a little bit. I decided I would only eat off the plates of women and only if I’d make out with them. Because I feel like if you’ll make out with somebody, it’s okay to eat their food. But then there was a lot of food coming to the back that I wanted to eat off the plates of guys. So I had to ask myself: Would the girl I would make out with make out with this guy? And the answer is yeah because I like crab cakes.”

Lilly Singh’s Indian Restaurant Experience

Singh goes into her experience working for and enjoying Indian cuisine with her Indian family through the best time-honored method: sketch comedy.

Kids in the Hall Break Down Dipping Areas

The Kids investigate fine-dining meticulousness and the art of making dessert. Although, to their point, six dipping areas would be more aesthetically sound…

Jimmy O. Yang Admires Chinese Chefs

Yang talks about how high-class kitchen staff look buff and tough but stress out over scallops; meanwhile, the chef at the Chinese restaurant makes hundreds of items within minutes, all while being the coolest gangster alive.

‘You Like-a the Juice, Eh?’

Saturday Night Live explores the awkward feeling when you ask for something extra from the restaurant staff, and there’s an uneasy suspicion in the air. Then things gets meta.

Iliza Shlesinger’s Big Relationship Reveal at Restaurants

“Once you’re in a relationship, you can eat the way you want to. Once he loves you, you can run a trough at mealtime; it doesn’t matter. You can put your hands behind your back and eat county fair pie-eating contest-style. Once you’re in love, you can show him the 12-foot man-eating lizard you actually are!”

Dylan’s Burger

I Think You Should Leave presents one of the most awkward restaurant dinners a person can have. Is he really jokin’?

Key and Peele Explore Extreme Soul Food

On Key & Peele, the duo know that soul food originated from the need to make the best out of the least. There’s no need to be a hero about that in 2023, but they’re damn right about the gravy.

Taylor Tomlinson Doesn’t Understand Sending Food Back

Jim Gaffigan Worked at a Mexican Restaurant in Indiana

“Mexican food’s great, but it’s essentially all the same ingredients, so as a waiter, you’d have to deal with these stupid questions. People are like, ‘What are nachos?’

“‘Nachos? It’s a tortilla with cheese, meat or vegetables.’

“‘What is a burrito?’

‘Tortilla with cheese, meat or vegetables.’

“‘What is a tostada?’

“‘Tortilla with cheese, meat or vegetables.’

‘What is—’

“‘Look! It’s all the same!’”


Fortune Feimster’s Family Loves Hooters

Her mom especially enjoys the wings and prices from Hooters. However, after her parents divorced, her mother decided to suddenly change history in front of her new religious boyfriend.

Roy Wood Jr.’s Fast-Food Takes

On The Daily Show, Wood Jr. discusses the most important issues of our time, which just happen to be about fast food. 

Jack McBrayer and Triumph Work at the Wiener’s Circle

When Conan visited Chicago, he sent meek and sweet McBrayer to the notoriously rude Wiener’s Circle to get yelled at while taking an order. Little did the staff know he’d come back with a friend who could trade verbal insults with the best of them.

Patton Oswalt Just Wants a Simple Steak Dinner

In Feelin’ Kinda Patton, Oswalt goes into how aggressive steakhouses have gotten and how they don’t just provide dinner but unnecessarily excessive sides and macho challenges along with it.

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