15 Hall of Fame Sketches from ‘I Think You Should Leave’

I think you should leave, but not before diving into these sketches
15 Hall of Fame Sketches from ‘I Think You Should Leave’

If you broke down modern comedy into Freud’s Elements of Personality, Tim Robinson would be the id. His sketch show I Think You Should Leave fills in the madcap gap that Mr. Show and Kids in the Hall left behind with quick bursts of goofiness, offbeat insanity and tables. Robinson’s job is to take those complicated comedic patterns and bring them all together into a cosmic gumbo.

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The advantage that I Think You Should Leave has over traditional sketch comedy shows is that the sketches can go as long or as short as required. They don’t need to stretch or beat a gag to death to fill a time slot or be squeezed to fit in before an ad break. They can just go straight for the joke, get their laughs and cut away without overstaying their welcome. As such, each episode is a gauntlet of funny, providing multiple hits of pure goofiness within 15 to 22 minutes. It’s the right amount of uncut wackiness that hits hard and flees with a smoke bomb like an absurdist ninja.

With a new season of the show hitting Netflix yesterday, it’s our pleasure to present these Hall of Fame sketches that Robinson and his crew have given us previously...

Bryan’s Hat

A fedora with safari flaps in the back isn’t great, but not as sad as carrying dice for no reason.

Fenton’s Horse Ranch

Masculinity is protected and respected at Fenton’s Stables and Horse Ranch. It took generations of horse husbandry, but it finally happened to help boost male self-esteem.

Prank Show

Look, there’s too much shit on him, and the costume is too hot. Just let the poor guy go home.

Focus Group

In fairness, a great steering wheel that doesn’t fly off your hand while you’re driving is a good idea. The rest of the ideas are terrible by comparison.

The Man

Will Forte gets the ultimate, long game of revenge against the grown-up baby that disturbed him on a flight decades ago.


Look, we’re all still trying to figure out Dan Vega’s Mega Money Quiz and how Chunky fits in. I mean, he eats your points and gets really mad, but aside from that, it’s a crapshoot.

The Door

It’s one of the ones that goes both ways. Trust me.

Dylan’s Burger

That does look really good. He should’ve gotten that. But he’s jokin’. He’s jokin’.


Making a quality social media post isn’t as easy as you’d think, especially when you’ve won “Best Hog” at the Hogshit Snarfing Contest.

Don’t Know How to Drive?

Look, yelling isn’t going to help, and you’re just making him scared. You have to be patient.

Diner Wink

Bob Odenkirk is right. Triples is best.

Baby of the Year

So many quality chubby baby candidates, but I just CAN’T STAND that Harley Jarvis.

Driver’s Ed

What is it that you don’t understand? HER JOB IS TABLES.

Coffin Flop

We must protect Corncob TV at all costs.

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