‘I Think You Should Leave’ Sketches Are Becoming Reality

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‘I Think You Should Leave’ Sketches Are Becoming Reality

It was recently announced that Tim Robinsons beloved series I Think You Should Leave is returning for Season Three on May 30th.

But weirdly, either because Netflix has somehow figured out a way to penetrate the thin membrane between reality and fiction or because our universe is sadly just as goofy as a sketch comedy show, bits from the show keep manifesting in the real world — and we dont mean because Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has clearly been shopping at Dan Flashes.

Recently, a carnivorous TikToker went viral for revolting the entire internet with a video in which he eats a “sink streak” — literally just a slab of beef cooked via running water in a goddamn sink, topped with a slab of butter that we can only imagine was churned in his toilet.   


So basically, this guy is unironically creating his own sloppy steaks — you know, a steak with “water dumped on it” that’s “really, really good.”

This isn’t the only example of an I Think You Should Leave joke that’s popped up in the news recently either. In 2021 a family sued a funeral home in Lawrence, Massachusetts, alleging “numerous counts of negligence and negligent and reckless infliction of emotional distress.” This stemmed from an incident in which their loved one’s casket was dropped into a grave, broke open and the corpse fell out. Yeah, it was a real-life “Coffin Flop,” as seen on Corncob TV. 

And just this past week, it was reported that U.S. safety regulators are investigating Tesla after reports that their Model Y SUV has a problem with “steering wheels that can detach from the steering column.”

Which recalls the suggestion made by the Italian focus group guy. His concerns about a car with a steering wheel that doesn’t “fly off your hand while you’re driving” don’t seem so funny now, do they?

If safety regulators find any damning evidence, presumably Elon Musk will have to marry his mother-in-law.

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