45 of the Finest Dunks on Elon Musk in 2022

45 of the Finest Dunks on Elon Musk in 2022

The first rule of Twitter has always been: “Never be the main character.”

Elon Musk took this rule, along with $44 billion, and flushed it down the toilet the day he purchased the platform and started his reign as the company’s CEO and chief punching bag. No other individual was as widely discussed on the internet in 2022 as Musk — nor did anyone or anything else come close to being as widely mocked.

After just a couple months of failed polls, free-falling TSLA stock prices and the predictably disastrous launch of “Twitter Blue,” Musk has turned himself and Twitter into the two biggest laughing stocks on the internet — not that either was far from the top to begin with. Here are our 45 favorite flagellations of South Africa’s most terminally online billionaire from the past year…

He Really Needs You to Like Him

His Polls Keep Backfiring

He Might Not Actually Be A “Genius”

Famous People Also Find Him Annoying

Who Can Forget the Dumpster Fire That Was the Launch of ‘Twitter Blue’?

Sometimes, Things Got Personal

But We Always Found Time to Crap on His Cars

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