When we were kids, we probably would have been happy having dessert for every meal… And honestly, looking back, based on the amount of sugary cereals and processed whatevers in every corner of the food world, we practically were. As we get older, our palates tend to mature, and we get a little over the constant barrage of sugar at all times… But that doesn't mean we don't like to indulge in a bit of it every now and again. 

Some of the facts below might change that. It turns out that your favorite ice creams… might not technically be ice cream at all, and if they are, they might have some truly disgusting ingredients hidden within them. Not a fan of ice cream anyway? Don't worry! Virtually all of the candy bars you see near the check out counter at the grocery store are kind of disgusting too! 

Not that it's going to stop us from shoveling all of it into our gobs, anyway. 

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