Did George Lopez Piss on Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star or Not?

Right-Wing Twitter soils themselves over 2018 video of Lopez appearing to mark his territory
Did George Lopez Piss on Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star or Not?

Following the 2016 election, rampant speculation over the relationship between Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin included a rumor that, in 2013, Donald Trump was caught on camera by Russian intelligence agencies watching two prostitutes urinate upon a bed where Barack and Michelle Obama once slept. Today, we’re getting to the bottom of a different Trump piss tape.

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George Lopez has made no secret of his ire for Trump and all his alt-right ilk — in recent months, Lopez has attacked Florida governor Ron DeSantis and defended drag queens with the bold declaration, “If you’re an enemy of drag, you’re an enemy of mine.” But Lopez’ most misconstrued act of defiance comes from a 2018 video in which Lopez “appears” to unzip his pants and unload his bladder upon Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame, a common spot for not-so-civil disobedience

Pixelated videos of the incident have flooded Twitter in the last couple of days, leaving scores of incensed red-hats calling for a trial at The Hague, as well as a somewhat smaller contingency of people wondering whether the video is truly as obscene as the editing makes it out to be. Well, it’s not — Lopez sprung a leak from a small water bottle to imitate the act of pissing on the president’s name. Sorry to soil the fun.

Considering the state of the Hollywood neighborhood — specifically the stretch where Trump’s star rests — one could make the argument that, by pouring water over the landmark, Lopez was actually cleaning piss off of Trump’s star. In fact, if there’s a single inch of that block that wasn’t covered in piss that night, it was likely Trump’s gilded name on the sidewalk next to a pregnant homeless woman shooting up and a dehydrated flock of traumatized Chinese tourists.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the crazies from voicing their ever-deafening disapproval for the harmless joke from five years ago as they demand that Lopez’ crimes be answered in blood. Here are our favorite and most outraged reactions to the video — though, be warned, reading through this list will kill as many brain cells as spending an entire month in Hollywood.

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