15 Brian Regan Jokes for the Hall of Fame

“The lamest crime is loitering. You imagine a guy with a 30-page rap sheet that’s all loitering. What do you do with a guy like that? Throw him in jail, where he can’t go anywhere?”

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‘If You’re an Enemy of Drag, You’re an Enemy of Mine’: George Lopez Derides Ron DeSantis

‘If You’re an Enemy of Drag, You’re an Enemy of Mine’: George Lopez Derides Ron DeSantis

Conservative politicians have spent the last couple of years attempting to turn drag shows into battlegrounds for the unendingly divisive culture wars — and George Lopez wants you to know which side he’s on.

Last week on The View, hosts Joy Behar, Ana Navarro and Sara Haines shared their thoughts on GOP Florida governor and likely 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis’ crusade to strip LGBTQ+ Floridians of basic protections, as well as the passing of the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law, which banned discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity from Florida schools. The DeSantis administration has also targeted drag performers and venues with administrative complaints citing archaic State Supreme Court decisions from the 1940s that they believe give the governor the right to crack down on public instances of “men impersonating women.”

At the same time, Lopez told the hosts exactly what his stance is on the topic, saying of DeSantis, “If you’re an enemy of drag, you’re an enemy of mine,” presumably before stepping off camera and strapping on six-inch heels for a “Lip Sync for Your Life” with the Florida governor.

While it was brave of Lopez to declare himself an enemy of almost every Republican politician, he’ll have at least one ally in the GOP — New York Congressman George Santos’ stance on drag is apparently even more “pro” than Lopez.

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