Iconic Comedy Duos That Could Give the Disgusting Brothers from 'Succession' a Run for Their Money

If only Logan Roy's security cams could capture some of this action.
Iconic Comedy Duos That Could Give the Disgusting Brothers from 'Succession' a Run for Their Money

Sounds like Tom has been having some extracurricular fun since he stabbed Shiv in the back at the end of Succession Season 3. As we resume Season 4, it’s clear that Tom and Cousin Greg have been up to no good, christening themselves the Disgusting Brothers due to their no-holes-barred approach to courting available women, Logan’s security cameras be damned. (Nicholaus Braun has jokingly pitched The Disgusting Brothers as a potential Succession spin-off, with a plot consisting of “the two of us trying to survive, and then we die pretty quickly.”) But Tom and Cousin Greg are hardly the first pair of despicable comic pigs to set their sights on libidinous pursuits. Here are more comedy pairs that could prove worthy competition for the Disgusting Brothers title.

Brennan and Dale, Step Brothers

No one could accuse these brothers (by way of a second marriage) of propriety when it comes to romancing the women in their lives. While he doesn’t exactly instigate the carnal relationship, Dale practically sprints to repeatedly get busy with his brother’s wife, Alice. As for Brennan, he lustily ignores doctor/patient boundaries with his therapist, professing his love and intimate desires in a way that is “so offputting.”  

Jay and Cal, The 40-Year-Old Virgin

While Andy has nothing but respect for women, the same can’t be said for his Smart Tech co-workers Jay and Cal. Over a late-night poker game, Jay brags about cheating on his loyal girlfriend with women who pleasure him with the arches of their feet. Cal can go him one better, describing the pleasures of making love to a woman when her dog decides to join the fun. Even Cousin Greg would be embarrassed to share such gross-out sex tales. 

Steve and Doug Butabi, A Night at the Roxbury

The characters who originated in a series of Saturday Night Live sketches could easily have been dubbed the Disgusting Brothers themselves, as even the late-night TV bits usually ended with Ferrell and Kattan dry-humping unsuspecting clubgoers. The unsolicited pelvis thrusting just got worse on the big screen. 

Brian Fantana and Champ Kind, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy

No woman was safe around the KVWN newsroom with Fantana and Kind on the prowl. When Veronica Corningstone arrives as the station’s first female reporter, the two instigate a contest to see which of the on-air talent will be the first to take advantage of Corningstone’s virtue. Champ’s approach wasn’t subtle, reaching for a file in an indiscrete attempt to fondle the reporter’s breasts before offering an evening of chicken and sex. (He got a slug in the man-sack for his trouble – whammy!) Fantana’s attempt at seduction fared even worse, as the entire newsroom mistook his “smell of desire” for “a used diaper full of Indian food.” It took the crooning of Ron Burgundy to school his coworkers on how love actually works.

Mikey and Trent, Swingers

Admittedly, Mikey is a reluctant Disgusting Brother but Trent is doing his darndest to talk him into joining the club anyway. Mikey is so money and he doesn’t even know it, but maybe hooking up with a couple of beautiful babies (i.e. Vegas cocktail waitresses) can make him see the light. 

John and Jeremy, Wedding Crashers

Acting like disgusting brothers is kind of the point of Wedding Crashers, as the film’s heroes try to take advantage of wedding receptions’ free booze and romantic ambiance to hook up with random ladies. They’re pretty damn good at it too, though both men eventually realize the error of their ways. Something tells us Tom and Cousin Greg won’t quite ever see the light. 

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