It was the movie that launched Steve Carell’s career as a comedy megastar and cemented Paul Rudd’s status as “Paul Rudd.”  Yah Mo B There for these 13 behind-the-scenes facts. 

BEHIND-THE-SCENESE FACTS Pain doesn't get more real than the WAXING SCENE CRACKED.COM If special effects can make us believe a man can fly, there had to be a way to fake ripping the hair follicles out of Carell's hirsute chest. But it had to be real, he argues. It wouldn't be as funny if it was mocked up. You have to see it really happening.

ABC News

BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS Apatow's directing philosophy? 'NEVER SAY CUT' CRACKED.CO Most films shoot between 300,000 and 400,000 feet of film. To encourage improvisation, Apatow would let the cameras roll long after the scripted lines were read. For 40-Year-Old Virgin, Apatow shot more than one million feet of film, prompting the stock provider to buy champagne for the cast.


BEHIND-THE-SCENESE FACTS Steve Carell became a LEADING MAN CRACKED.COM Carell was an overwrought correspondent on the Daily Show and a brick-brained weather guy in Anchorman, but no one knew if he could carry a picture on his back. (The Office had just started.) 40-Year-Old Virgin proved he could get the girl and deliver the box-office goods.


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