Jay Mohr Is Morphing into Jim Belushi, Also Marrying into L.A. Lakers Royalty

No word on whether or not LeBron will be one of the groomsmen
Jay Mohr Is Morphing into Jim Belushi, Also Marrying into L.A. Lakers Royalty

At first glance, it sure looked like the late, great John Belushi was about to become the brother-in-law of the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jay Mohr, prolific comedian, actor and radio host, recently popped the question to his longtime girlfriend Jeanie Buss, who is the controlling owner and president of the Lakers. Earlier today, TMZ reported that Buss was adding another ring to her collection as the basketball magnate looks to tie the knot with one of the sports world’s foremost comedic minds.

The announcement also unintentionally revealed how Mohr now looks like a forgotten Belushi brother instead of Mr. Incredible.

Mohr first rose to prominence for his role as the backstabbing sports agent Bob Sugar in Jerry Maguire, and the stand-up has remained adjacent to the sports world throughout his career. He was a regular guest on The Jim Rome Show, occasionally hosting the program and eventually succeeding Rome with his own Fox Sports Radio show, Jay Mohr Sports.

Mohr and Buss bonded over their mutual love of comedy and sports, and the two have apparently been together since as early as 2017, just a year after Buss broke off her highly publicized engagement to former Lakers head coach and notorious Deadhead Phil Jackson

We wish many happy returns to Buss and Mohr, and we advise everyone attending the wedding to wear their glasses just in case Jim Belushi tries to sneak his way up to the altar and marry into that sweet NBA moolah à la the opening sequence of The Palm Beach Story.

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