'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Is Preparing A Comeback, Bioware Promises

BioWare has had over 10 years of trial and error to learn from.
'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Is Preparing A Comeback, Bioware Promises

Remember Star Wars: The Old Republic? No, not Knights Of The Old Republic; we're talking about the MMO based on the KOTOR brand that BioWare bravely sunk millions into instead of just giving us the KOTOR 3 that we so desperately wanted. In all fairness, SWTOR showed promise and was a big thing – at least for a week or so. If there ever was a game people thought could dethrone World Of Warcraft it was a Pokémon MMO this one! But it wasn't meant to be, and the game's initial technical hitches, poorly thought-out class system, and inevitably less-focused campaign prevented the game from ever measuring up to both its single-player predecessors and its MMO competitors. Even though it has mostly disappeared from MMO limelight, SWTOR pulled a Palpatine and ended up never really dying. Now, 11 years after its release, BioWare just promised SWTOR will come back from the ashes with big changes – and we're skeptical.

glitch allows trooper to deflect all attacks and stun all enemies by dancing
Maybe they just shouldn't have made a game where dancing is the most powerful force power of them all.

Either due to sad happenstance or because they're celebrating SWTOR's 11th birthday like total maniacs, BioWare has announced that the game's longstanding creative director is going out the door and claiming that they're about to breathe new life into the project. We don't know whether this is just the company repackaging bad news as good ones in a bizarre attempt at BioWare damage control, or whether they really have something up their sleeve, like a relaunch that would coincide with the gameplay reveal or the release of the already announced KOTOR remake.

Darth Malgus
We can barely wait for the new opening crawl, which will start with something like “Darth Derivativous has returned, somehow”.

Top Image: BioWare

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