'Star Wars' Best Plot Twist Was 'Knights Of The Old Republic,' Not 'Empire Strikes Back'

It's hard to top Vader, but 'Knights Of The Old Republic' somehow manages to.
'Star Wars' Best Plot Twist Was 'Knights Of The Old Republic,' Not 'Empire Strikes Back'

If there's one thing most Star Wars fans agree on, it's that The Empire's Strikes Back's reveal of baby Luke Skywalker hatching out of one of Chewbacca's eggs remains unmatched. Now, while no one has the authority to say which brilliant plot reveal should have a higher emotional impact on viewers, I dare say that Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic featured a much better-constructed twist. And you know who agrees? George Lucas, probably. When talking about the making of Empire, Lucas bluntly admitted that the big twist only came as an afterthought, whereas the devs at Bioware were conjuring KOTOR with the goal of unexpectedly hitting players in the feels from the very beginning. 

The big reveal hides masterfully behind classic RPG stuff. The game starts with the player embodying an amnesiac who's tasked with finding a bunch of Jedi Holocron before the how new Sith lord who's just usurped his master does. So when non-Jedi characters start talking about the true power of the force,

The very first hint the game leaves for players


players will probably think the game's just hyping the cool-ass powers they'll get to use later on. And even though those powers really do slap, these are actually subtle hints at what's really going on.

Bastilla leaving some bread crumbs


And some are not even subtle at all, like this Jedi Master who's not too sold on the idea of training the main character.

Grumpy Master Vrook


Have you figured it out? If not, then the best thing you can do is to get the game and go play it right now. It's still just as worth playing as it ever was, and it turns out that spoilers really do spoil your experience.

If you've figured it out or are here just for the sweet sweet nostalgia of rereading about this glorious reveal, then here you go: New players naturally won't think too much about the character's origin because the amnesiac main character is a staple of RPGs, but that's where the game gets them. Turns out that the reason why the main character has no recollection of his prior life is that the Jedi had erased his memory in an attempt to reform him, 

main character's face


for he was:

Darth Revan's identity reveal


Darth Revan, the former Sith Lord, and Kylo Ren's spiritual daddy.

If you want even more Nostalgia, you can see the whole reveal playing out again below

 Or wait for the recently announced remake, where our generation will finally be the one with the power to spoil it all for the kids.

Top Image: EA


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