'Star Wars KOTOR 2' Gets Official DLC (And Closure) 18 Years Later

This is the 'Star Wars' revival we were looking for.
'Star Wars KOTOR 2' Gets Official DLC (And Closure) 18 Years Later

Back in the late ‘90s, George Lucas dared go to an even longer time ago by giving us three films set in a time before fun had been invented in the Star Wars universe. The result hurt everyone, even those who now claim that "at least the prequels are better than the sequels”. Lucas learned the lesson and thus greenlit Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, an RPG set even longer before the events of the original trilogy. The result was, as one might imagine, tragic actually the best thing they ever put the Star Wars name on. KOTOR hit it so big that Jedi law mandated they'd come up with a sequel. The dev company of the original game was busy on something else, so they passed on the development of KOTOR 2 to Obsidian, a company known for glitches but also for fantastic writing.

Fantastic, a character from Fallout New Vegas


Even though nothing could prevent KOTOR 2's success, Obsidian had to rush it out, which resulted in a lot of content getting cut from the game – including an actual ending. That's a bummer because, despite a lot of inevitable gameplay shortcomings, KOTOR 2 managed to introduce never-before (or since) seen concepts that sure spiced up the already-staling Star Wars universe. Like, among many other things, the game asked poignant stuff, like: is the force a good thing? How can it be good that just a few are born with access to superpowers that usually lead people down a dark path? Imagine being a peasant in the world of Star Wars and having to deal with that on top of all of its rampant nepotism.

3 random lightsabers are the actual final boss of this blockbuster game


But not everything is great, like how the final boss in the game is just 3 flying lightsabers.

18 years later, however, the game made its way to the Nintendo Switch, and the developers at Aspyr are restoring a lot of stuff. We have to thank tireless fans for the restored content. Yes, instead of just complaining a la The Last Jedi backlash just because they didn't like to see the story growing to the point of questioning its own convoluted message, they scavenged through a lot of lost code to find all of KOTOR 2's dark and bitter secrets. This new restoration adds various cut missions and dialogue, but more importantly, it finally adds an actual ending to the game.

 It's great that they're finally giving the right treatment to a game that could've been so much more. Here's hoping that this new DLC is a huge hit and that the Sith algorithm that makes the decisions at EA decides to give Mass Effect 3 a similar treatment.

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