Fed Up Gamers Leave 'World of Warcraft' For 'Final Fantasy XIV' (Which No Longer Sucks)

The Great Exodus of the MMO Age.
Fed Up Gamers Leave 'World of Warcraft' For 'Final Fantasy XIV' (Which No Longer Sucks)

World of Warcraft has been dominating the MMO landscape ever since it launched back in '04, but that may be about to change because of a hot newcomer called "The Epic Consequences Of Blizzard's Dumbass Mistakes." Yes, we're sorry to announce that Activision Blizzard still hasn't run out of that Warcraft III: Reforged juice.

Activision Blizzard, Metacritic

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Blizzard kept players waiting for nearly a year -- a year some would describe as more stressful than usual, to begin with -- for “Chains of Domination,” a patch that promised to finally answer questions that have lingered on the minds of players for years. Would they finally discover Sylvanas' master plan, or would their computer continue to be a portal to a world of disappointment for players/characters? 

Instead of getting even a piss-poor answer, with an awful explanation like saying the story is dumb because the World of Warcraft is secretly the island on Lost, they got nothing. Blizzard just casually cast a curse on players that forced them to follow WoW's least liked character after a cliffhanger that we won't explain because we don't want to drop spoilers …

… also, because we don't get what the hell is happening in all that bullshit either.

But, just like the classic story goes, whenever a hare messes around, a tortoise slowly snaps its neck. Final Fantasy XIVWoW's only serious competitor for the past few years is now starting to kick the upper dog's ass. That's a glorious comeback since XIV originally came out disastrously broken that the developers had to can the whole thing right after release to later re-release with the "FFXIV: A Realm Reborn" subtitle.

Square Enix

Released in the UK as FFXIV: Apologies, Ol'Chaps, 'Tis Good Now.

The new and renewed Final Fantasy XIV has been strutting – or whatever it is that a tortoise does – so sexily that it's now welcoming an exodus from WoW so massive it managed to sell out all of its copies -- even the digital ones

Square Enix

Can't wait for World of Warcraft: A Realm Reforged.

Which is a thing we didn't even know was possible – a fantasy, if you will.

Top Image: Activision Blizzard


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